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Chocolate Body Parts from

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bluelips chocolate brains

Death-focused website gives new meaning to having chocolate on your mind. For $18, you can buy a dozen anatomically correct milk chocolate brains with cherry centers. I haven’t seen the candy in person, but it looks disgustingly delicious online.

If eating a chocolate brain makes you crave more sweet gore, hearts, teeth, eyes, feet, and ears are also for sale. Several varieties of brain are sold on, and a chocolate casket is discontinued while a new design is in the works. A set of parts (ears, a skull, a tooth, a heart, and plenty of brains) goes for $75, considerably less than such real parts might fetch on the black market.

The chocolate hearts are crafted with great detail, and the reasonably affordable $28 heart and brain set might end up in my best friend’s stocking this Christmas. She’s a nurse, but I bet a lot of non-healthcare workers would appreciate the organs too.

I love what the people at bluelips say about their products:

Becoming an organ donor has never been simpler with our edible selection of sinfully molded chocolate body parts. For centuries chocolate has been given to capture the essence of love. What better way to express your love by giving your sweetheart a chocolate heart in a life like replication of the organ, symbolically holding them near and dear to your heart. Nibble on an ear or munch on some toes, one’s perception of death by chocolate can take on many forms of the chocolate lovers’ fetish for chocolate pleasures.

The bluelips site is morbid and quite different than most candy websites, but even if death makes you squeamish, the body parts candy is worth a look.

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2 Responses to “Chocolate Body Parts from”

  1. 1
    Karen Hutchinson says:

    Thank you for your wonderful review of our products. The site was originally started by a cancer patient who chose to laugh at death. I am her business partner. We donate 25% of our profits to breast cancer research. Yes we are odd and quirky, but hopefully some people will laugh at some of our goodies.

  2. 2
    denise amatangelo says:

    looking for a chocolate arm..thanks..

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