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IT’SUGAR – the first department store of candy

IT’SUGAR is a brand new 6,000 square foot department store that recently opened in Atlantic City. Let me repeat – SIX THOUSAND SQUARE FEET OF CANDY. They have over 5,000 types of candy and 250 types of ice cream. They have a “Make-Your-Own Candy Bar” facility where you can even pick your own fillings and […]

Jane-Jane Tasty Tuna Tidbits Candy

There you are at the party when you suddenly see a bowl of shiny foil wrapped candies sitting in a bowl. You reach down and unwrap it while talking with that person that you have wanted to make a good impression. Continuing that conversation you pop the delicious treat into your mouth. You smile and […]

Find Mr. or Miss Right with the help of the Dentyne website

Not many gum/candy websites open with a man and woman discussing “hunting tools” to find Mr. or Miss Right. I think it’s safe to say Dentyne’s site is a unique addition to the world of candy/gum websites. The voices get kind of annoying after a while, but the site’s really fun to explore. The idea […]

Candy Site Spotlight: Recipe Goldmine

(Candy Bar Pie) Does anyone have a favorite candy recipe to share? If you’re short on ideas, check out The site has thousands of recipes on file, along with cooking tips, a message board, and other standard web features. There are two sections dedicated to candy—Candy Recipes and Candy Bar Recipes. I had to […]

Candy Review: Blood Orange Cordials from Koppers Chocolate

I did it! I found another Blood Orange flavored candy … something I thought I’d never do. The last review of Blood Orange candy intrigued some readers, and frightened others. I definitely liked it though, so I was excited when I was browsing the enormous Koopers booth at the Philly Candy Show and came across […]