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Hershey’s Contest Gives $10,000 For Your Sweet Pumpkin

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Candy Addict Pumpkin
(made with Hershey’s Virtual Pumpkin Decorator)

What self-respecting Candy Addict doesn’t love Halloween? It’s got cool costumes, scary movies, and as much free candy as your pillowcase will hold! This year Hershey’s is looking to bring candy and Halloween even closer together with their “Sweeten Up Your Pumpkin Contest”.

The contest, which has already started, challenges you to decorate a pumpkin using a combination of Hershey’s candy products as well as craft supplies. The grand prize is a whopping $10,000, which should keep you stocked with candy for quite a while, or, if you’re like me, help pay off some of those student loans!

You can enter either online at or by mailing in your photo with an entry form that you can pick up wherever you do your candy shopping. At the site, you can also view a bunch of pumpkin decorating videos and play with the Virtual Pumpkin Decorator (see teh offical Candy Addict pumpkin above).

If you decide to enter, there are quite a few rules and guidelines concerning things like file size and eligibility, so be sure to read them all before entering. One of the major rules is obviously that you can only use Hershey’s brand candy (or one of the other brands under Hershey’s, see the website for a list) to decorate your pumpkin, and they must be currently available (no using that stash of Cherry Kit Kats you have stored away from Valentine’s Day…not that I have any or anything like that.)

The deadline is November 1st, and is judged on creative use of product, relevance to Halloween, and originality. If any Candy Addict readers enter (or win!) be sure to let us know!

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