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Deep-fried Snickers in the papers again

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Deep-fried Snickers

It’s almost time for state fairs to start rolling into town again and that means more deep fried candy bars. The editor of the Patriot Ledger (a newspaper in Boston) emailed me last week asking if they could use one of my pictures of deep-fried Snickers in their paper. I said yes (and why not?) so here’s the online article, photo credit and all. For those keeping score, that’s the second paper that has used that picture – I guess that’s because they are the only good pictures of a deep-fried Snickers that can be found online and our review is the #2 Google hit.

I do like that review though – it’s the first one that I remember that I tried to be funny and (I think) it worked. I had fun with it. I wasn’t even trying to do a good job with those pictures I took and now that set of pictures is more famous than this whole site is. Maybe I should change careers and start photographing fair food. Nah, too seasonal. State fairs come once a year, candy is everyday.

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