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Smuggling candy into theatres poll results

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Movie  Candy Smuggling Poll Results
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One week ago I posted a poll asking if you smuggled candy into movie theatres. With 323 votes, the results are in. Click on the graphic above to see the full results, but here is a summary….

73% of you said you smuggle candy in every time or sometimes you go to a movie theatre. That was quite surprising! 11% of you said you never smuggle candy in – some because you never thought of it, some because you don’t go to movie theatres, and some just said no.

We had some good comments too:

A few people said they do it because of the high prices (that’s why I do it). A few commented on people smuggling lots of other food in – things like microwave popcorn and even hamburgers. I admit I did sneak cans of sodas in once and drank it with a straw, though that SNAP noise it makes when you open it had me worried. I “coughed” at the same time to disguise it.

Our own Victoria said,

…Interestingly, I saw the McDonald’s bags pass right by the ticket takers, and no one said anything. So, maybe all this sneaking is pointless?

Which does bring up an interesting point. Maybe they don’t actually care – especially since the ticket-takers are mostly teenagers that couldn’t care less. Maybe the sneaking is pointless. Has anyone actually been caught sneaking candy/food in? If so, what happened?

Thanks again to all who voted in the poll – that was our most successful poll ever! I’ll probably post another soon asking for some feedback about the site.

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6 Responses to “Smuggling candy into theatres poll results”

  1. 1
    Liz says:

    It’s been a few years since I’ve tried to openly take food into a theater, the last time 2 years ago, a friend was not allowed in until he finished his Starbucks (like they sell coffee?) and another time he had a pretzel and was told to finish it first. Both at the discount theater at that! Like I’d spend $1.50 on a movie and $3.00 on candy. No thanks, I’ll just always have my ‘movie’ purse with LOTS of room!

  2. 2
    tonks says:

    My mom and uncles got yelled at for bring in candy when they were kids but they then spent quite literally all day at the theater after only buying one ticket so….

  3. 3
    catrina_dirk says:

    You know that’s an interesting point because two of the theaters I visit regularly either have signs that say “no backpacks” or “we reserve the right to search bags.”

    I always carry a messenger bag around and I’ve never been stopped. Most theater employees don’t care, but I guess you get a managerial type who does once in a while…although they probably only single out people they feel they can “hassle” like teenagers and minorities. Not single adults in their 30s.

  4. 4
    Candy Addict » Candy Review: Flicks Chocolate Flavored Wafers says:

    [...] We previously discussed sneaking candy into movie theatres, and I recently found another great reason to carry a big bag to matinees. Flicks chocolate-flavored wafers are packaged in protective tubes for both portability and pourability. [...]

  5. 5
    nicole says:


  6. 6
    C says:

    My local movie cinema isn’t part of a bigger chain and doesn’t charge too bad prices for a ticket so I usually sneak in food but pay for a drink to even things out – I wouldn’t be able to afford to buy both.

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