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Candy Review: Four new flavors of Oral Fixation Mints

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Oral Fixation Mints

We reviewed the first six flavors from Oral Fixation late last year and found them to be quite tasty. Now, Oral Fixation has come out with four new flavors: Antioximints (green tea mints), Mimosa Mint (orange mint cocktails), Fabulous Fruit (fruity tropical mints), and Jasmints (herbal jasmine mints).

Oral Fixation was kind enough to send us review samples and let me say once again that the tins these mints come in are probably the nicest mint tins I have seen. The artwork on each is beautiful and unique, and they are just so classy looking. Also, each has a specially printed wax paper insert for each flavor. The mints also say FIX on one side and have a unique imprint on the other (for example, the Green Tea mints are stamped with the Japanese character meaning “tea).

Yes, the packaging looks good, but can these new flavors live up to the standards set by the previous flavors? Let’s see…..


Antioximints (Green Tea Mints): Rarely (if ever) have I had a candy that claimed to be green tea flavor and I liked it. This one is actually pretty good. There is a subtle green tea flavor to it and just a barely perceptible mintiness to it and it’s not too sweet. It’s very mellow – if you like green tea, I’m willing to bet you would enjoy this.

Fabulous Fruit

Fabulous Fruit (Fruity Tropical Mints): I really like this flavor. It’s got a nice purpley/raspberry color to it and it’s not minty at all – just fruity. It’s not too sweet either. Good stuff. I’m having a hard time not eating the whole pack one by one.


Jasmints (Herbal Jasmine Mints): I wasn’t really sure what this would be like. The only experience I have with jasmine is smelling some of my wife’s fufu smelly stuff and I was hoping this wouldn’t taste like perfume. Luckily, it doesn’t. It’s a very mild peppermint flavored mint. Think of Altoids on depressants. It’s quite good and doesn’t knock you out with minty flavor. I can see this being very popular with people that think Altoids is just too much.

Mimosa Mint

Mimosa (Orange Mint Cocktails): For those that don’t know, a Mimosa is a cocktail consisting of orange juice and champagne. I was hoping this would taste like a bubbly Creamsicle, but the first taste that hits me is a peppery taste. It overwhelms any other flavor and tastes nothing like a Mimosa. I don’t like it at all and have no idea why it tastes like this. My wife tried it and spit it out and my daughter did too. Nasty.

So, if you ignore the Mimosa Mint, these new flavors are very good and I would highly recommend them for someone looking for a classy and unique mint to enjoy. Just stay far away from the Mimosa.

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2 Responses to “Candy Review: Four new flavors of Oral Fixation Mints”

  1. 1
    Sunny says:

    mmmm jasmine :) i can’t wait to get a ‘tin’… but so pricy!

    RESPONSE: Yes, they are a bit on the pricey side. Not something you could have everyday, but not TOO bad as a special treat to yourself.

  2. 2
    Gina says:

    The only mints I have tried are the Chai and Mimosa, and I must say the Mimosa is not THAT bad. I agree, tastes nothing like mimosas, but I liked the very subtle citrus flavors.

    I’m about to buy a giftbox for Christmas. It’s very snazzy.. you get to choose 12 mint flavors for 40 minus a 10% promotion they’re doing. Thanks for the helpful review. I was unsure about trying out the new flavors but now I’m much more confident!

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