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Candy Review: Japanese Lotte Gum

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Brian indulged my passion for gum and sent me some Japanese Lotte gum to review. I’d never had any before, and I’m glad I got to finally try it, especially since two of the wrappers said “yes,chewing!” – I’m a sucker for quirky marketing. I was especially excited about trying the Lotte, because I usually chew sugarless gum, so good ol’ tooth-rotting gum is a special treat. I tried five flavors:

Lotte Green Gum

Green Gum: nice, minty tea taste that got stronger as I chewed. It’s a different mint than American gum, and quite refreshing. The gum is a pleasant jade color and has a long-lasting fresh aftertaste.

Lotte Blueberry Gum

Blueberry: more like raspberry, both in color and taste. I love this stuff. It has great flavor and consistency, but my tastebuds definitely say raspberry.

Lotte Sweetie Gum

Sweetie: very light green sticks that are sweet but not super sugary. The product description says it’s a cross between grapefruit and orange. The taste is almost a little sour, and I like the blueberry much better.

Lotte Black Black Gum

BlackBlack: the grey sticks are said to be loaded with caffeine, but I didn’t buzz after the half stick I chewed. BlackBlack has a strong menthol overtone like cough drops, and it was hard for me to keep chewing long enough to give it a fair chance for review. The taste got stronger as I chewed, and it made my mouth water uncomfortably. I guess I can see how people could love BlackBlack, but it’s not for me.

Lotte Notime Gum

NOTIME: This one is almost flavorless mint. Way too mild for me. I felt like someone forgot to add enough mint, but the gum still had a fairly strong, lingering aftertaste. Unlike the other flavors, which were sticks, NOTIME came shaped as rectangular cubes.

Lotte makes several other gum flavors, and you can check them out at Asian Food Grocer and JBOX. Most of the gum costs a little more than $1.25 per nine-piece pack. I’m game to try them all.

Buy Lotte gum online:

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7 Responses to “Candy Review: Japanese Lotte Gum”

  1. 1
    Lynnette says:

    Where can I purchase Lotte Green Candy?

  2. 2
    Victoria says:

    There are two links at the end of the story under the heading “Buy Lotte Gum online.” Click on them for Asian Food Grocer and JBOX. I think the Green gum is the product you want, but if not, those sites have lots of Lotte stuff to choose from. Happy chewing!

  3. 3
    bunny says:

    Lotte is a Korean grocery store, not Japanese.

    RESPONSE: Their website is at and (who only carries Japanese products)
    carries it so I\’m pretty sure they are a Japanese company.

  4. 4
    Hanna says:

    When my aunt lived in Japan she would send me packs (and packs) of Mangosteen lotte gum (a pity you couldn’t try this flavour as it is definately the best). I hear this flavour isn’t available anymore…..very sad about that! I thought there may have been a change ‘Asian Food Grocer’ would carry it but gasp! no sign……….ahhhh i miss that gum!

  5. 5
    DJ says:

    Actually, Lotte was founded by a South Korean man and was established first in Seoul, South Korea. Lotte is a large multinational corporation so it does have branches outside of Korea. Lotte has major operations in Japan, but it’s essentially a Korean company.

  6. 6
    meidi says:

    i really love candy !!! i collect the candy’s papers, and i want have the informatin about the new kind of candy’s paper

  7. 7
    Emily says:

    the NoTime gum is one of those gums that clean your teath while you chew it- i admit the flavor isn’t great but my teeth felt pretty clean after i tried a piece(:

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