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Mythbusters do Mentos and Diet Coke PLUS win free Mentos Schwag

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On Wednesday, August 9th, 2006, one of my favorite shows is taking on the Mentos and Diet Coke phenomenon. Yes, Mythbusters does Mentos and Diet Coke. It should be loads of fun seeing the Mythbusters take on it.

In this episode Adam and Jamie are trying to figure out the theory behind the chaos when diet cola and mentos mix. Inspired by an internet phenomenon The Mythbusters take on the controversy surrounding these fizzy fountains.

Mentos Geyser contest

And speaking of Mentos geysers, Mentos themselves has wholeheartedly embraced the Mentos fountain and now has a contest up at Submit your best Mentos soda geyser video and you could win a year’s supply of Mentos, 1,000 iTunes downloads, or other great prizes. The best part – everyone who enters gets a free Mentos cap, towel, or t-shirt. A free candy t-shirt just might be enough to motivate me to give it a try.

Even if you don’t feel like making a video, you can drop by YouTube and browse through all the latest entries to the contest.

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4 Responses to “Mythbusters do Mentos and Diet Coke PLUS win free Mentos Schwag”

  1. 1
    tim says:

    how do you do 2mentos in a 2 leiter bottle of soda? what do you do to do this experement???

  2. 2
    salinas, tony says:

    i am a big fan of your show , and i think is terrific, have a question. i have seen you guys making dummys that have the almost the same skin texture of a human body, would like to know how to built one, i ask this beacuse i am an instructor of ultrasound and would like to make one for teaching purposes, if you could help me out, and e mail me with the instruction. ill sincerely apreciated. yours truely tony

  3. 3
    Ian jenkins says:

    I love your show it feels like your right at my house doing the myth with me, i like how both you guys have fun with science.
    Me i am only 13 and i used to hate science in school but when i started to watch your show i learned that there was alot more to science than i though so keep up with the awsome myths.

  4. 4
    terry mason says:

    hello again, as i said in the first mail,i,m a huge fan and i watch your show every chance i get. anyway, have you seen the film [flight of the pheonix], this have got to get jamie and adam,s ear,s it possible to make an areoplane out of what was left of the aircraft after it crashed in the desert. giving all the apparatus that was left on board, i hope you will give it go, if your cash limit allows you, hope to be watching if it happens. i know all the crew will want to try, i just like to know if it,s plausible or busted, please let me know if you can atemtpt it, thank you terry..,

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