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Candy Review: Junior Caramels

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Junior Mints Junior Caramels

I’m a sucker for bite-size candy, so unless it’s something really gross, mini candies have an automatic leg up on the competition. Junior Caramels are good enough to not need my bite-size bias. The box I bought had melted, and the candy was stuck together, but the taste was still great.

I wondered if the Junior Caramels would have any sort of minty taste, but they are completely unrelated to Junior Mints (unlike the Inside Outs). The candy is almost perfectly spherical, the caramel is soft and chewy, and there’s a generous layer of milk chocolate around each caramel.

I paid $1.29 for a 4.5oz box at a gas station, but probably could have gotten them for considerably less money at a big-box chain. Junior Caramels aren’t quite Awesomely Addictive, but definitely runners-up.

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7 Responses to “Candy Review: Junior Caramels”

  1. 1
    pthalio says:

    Sometimes Junior Caramels can have a slightly minty taste, if they are shipped to your store in a box with junior mints ( i mean they do come from the same place) . I have had this happen and as someone who doesnt like mint and chocolate was not pleased.

  2. 2
    psydeath says:

    why are these new? did the u.s. just get these? weve had junior caramels for years in canada, they come with different package art though.

  3. 3
    Morgan says:

    I had a box of them and I decided that this company should just stick to the classic Junior Mints.
    The caramel wasn’t as satisfying.
    I’d much rather have Canbury’s chocolate and caramel surprise…or whatever the actuall name is.


  4. 4
    Morgan says:


  5. 5
    CrapMaster says:

    I thought these were so horrible. The caramel just tasted like globs of corn syrup.

  6. 6
    JD says:

    I think they’re REALLY good, but one box I had did have a hint of mint. My only question: Which stores carry which candies? Think that these are particularly hard to find.

  7. 7
    Derek says:

    My favorite chocolate candy. This is DELICIOUS and as a person that generally doesn’t like mint, the hint of mint found in these is surprisingly delectable. They are hard to find in the area, and when I do find them I cannot resist buying!

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