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Nintendo’s Sweet Game

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Nintendo Game Cube Candy

What’s the best thing to eat while playing Nintendo? Candy, of course. If you can’t play Nintendo though, you may as well be eating Nintendo candy. We decided to compile a comprehensive list of all the Nintendo-themed candy we could find and present them to you. Enjoy!

Leave a comment if you know of any we missed!

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34 Responses to “Nintendo’s Sweet Game”

  1. 1
    JDavis says:

    They have hard candies that come in containers shaped like Mario or Donkey Kong riding the go-karts from Mario Kart.

    RESPONSE: Good catch – I just added them.

  2. 2
    SuperJesseMario says:

    There’s Mario Yo-Yo Candy, and Nintendo (generic) mints:

    And, I don’t know if this counts, there used to be a Bubble Tape contest that used Mario on the wrapping…But, ya know, it wasn’t Nintendo candy….Anyway, hope this helps!

    RESPONSE: I just added them – thanks!

  3. 3
    Joey says:

    The Yo-Yo Candy has 2 kinds of bubble gum in it, one on the DK side, and one on the Mario Side. It is like bubble tape but crap and the yo yo doesn’t work. A screw off plate on each side comes off (a little larger than the sticker)

  4. 4
    Antfan says:

    So, was I the only one whistling the Super Mario Brothers theme song while reading this article. Now it is stuck in my head.

  5. 5
    Dr. O. says:

    I found some Italian Super Mario candy a few years ago in a Finnish cheap-o-market.

    Fruit toffees:
    Chocolate easter egg:

    The toffee flavours were strawberry, lemon and banana, IIRC.

    [The photos are mine, feel free to download them if you want to use them on this site. My account there is ending soon, so they'll be unavailable after that.]

  6. 6
    I will not say says:

    There was nintendo candy! Wow, I really want a PEZ nintendo dispencer. But I am only 10 so I could not of found that stuff and I live in London. Well do you know any place apart from eBay where I am able to get a mario PEZ? I collect these but only ones boxed.


    I am not saying my name

  7. 7
    Is it? says:

    You forgot Pokemon candy! At my local petrol station they sell these pokeball type things that have pokemon figures in them with some candy!

  8. 8
    sketch says:

    There’s also Nintendo (Mario) Mushrooms with sour candies inside…if only I coudl get mine open to get to the candies. But I can hear then in there, and they’re super cute looking. Boston America Corp. makes them

  9. 9
    Jacob says:

    awesome candy

  10. 10
    NicK says:

    Hey. Thanks for putting up that list of candys. It answered pretty much all my questions. I currently have the 3D gummy candies with the game tips on display in my nintendo collection. I have also tried the Mario and donkey kong “push-pop” candies. Anyway Thanks.

  11. 11
    animerika says:

    I’ve found the mario egg at a Japanese super store before
    basically it’s a chocolate egg shell with a mario character toy inside.

    Also, there are lots of other Japanese figurines that come with these little candy packages, but if you counted those then your list would be a LOT longer xP

  12. 12
    Catherine says:

    There was pokemon lolypops. The had a lolly over a plastic pokemon which on top of a stick that said pokemon. Great list though.

  13. 13
    Trexa says:

    I found the mushroom candies and the Wii gum at a Family Video store in Michigan, the U.S.

  14. 14
    leeanne says:

    I bought the nintendo cherry sour mushroom candy yesterday. For one it took me until today to get it open and 2 it tastes kinda like ladybugs smell. It also leaves a gross after taste in my mouth.I must say though the mushroom is awesome. would be great to hide stuff in because no one will ever get it open,they will give up first.

  15. 15
    Chris says:

    Well, we bought our boys some of the Nintendo Mushroom Sour candy in the cute shroom packaging. AND man oh man, those containers aren’t easy to open!! But for those who might be googling to find out how to open this product from… you need to hold the mushroom head(cap) firmly as well as the stalk and pull straight apart. A slight rocking and twist would help… and even a slight pinch of the stalk near where it meets the head. By the way, candy is in there loose, so it will go flying everywhere if you don’t pull apart smoothly… just ask my oldest son who gave me the ‘stinkeye’ when I scattered his sours. Hope this helps someone.

  16. 16
    Wry Bread says:

    Oh good lord, those Nintendo Mushroom candies are hard to open! Thanks so much, Chris, or I’d have never been able to open mine… :< They’re not really that good, unfortunately. They smell and taste kind of like chapstick for some weird reason, and they’re not sour even a little… They are cute, though~

  17. 17
    1up says:

    wow, this mushrooms need a manual! it’s harder to open them than play the actual videogame.

    give me a break

  18. 18
    1up says:

    manual here:

  19. 19
    izzy says:

    I just bought the little nintendo mushroom candy sour apple and the entire ride home i had my girl trying to open it. These little f*ckers are almost impossible to open BUT with simple flat head screw driver to the back of the canister (where the stalk meets the silver aluminum ring) you can easily open it again and again. ENJOY. candy sucks, but that little canister can hold other fine goods :)

  20. 20
    Kathy says:

    The screwdriver method definetely works, Thanx izzy!!

  21. 21
    mike says:

    Pulling straight apart was a very helpful tip! It’s on an angle so it comes out straight from the stem – not the cap. Hooray for Googling!

  22. 22
    sarah and josh says:

    Ok to open the nintendo mushroom head thing, stick it in the freezer and then try after 5 mins in the freezer, comes apart ALOT easier… comes apart from stem . thanks alot nintendo, this is the thanks we get for loyalty… lol jk

  23. 23
    Mushroom stalker says:

    Ok, so I just bought my mushroom candy and couldn’t figure out how to open it. Thanks to google, I found your tips! Yay!! I ate one and it’s not that bad. Kinda tastes like the Smartees candies. I feel like I deserve a Gold Medal now for opening this! Woo hoo!!

  24. 24
    Wallykins says:

    In response to the candy thing, I actually bought one of the Wii candy dispensers at a dollar store not long ago.

  25. 25
    Technosquid says:

    Looks like you’ve already gotten some feedback on the Mario Egg. Here’s a place where they sell them.

    They sell them on right now, too, but that site never keeps anything in stock very long.

  26. 26
    Conor says:

    The freezer trick works very well!

  27. 27
    Chocolicious says:

    one of the Super Mario candies you said you needed more information on is the Super Mario Choco Egg. It is the foil wrapped egg you have a picture of. It is milk chocolate, and about the size of an original Cadbury egg. Instead of a gooey filling, however, it contains a small plastic toy. These toys are all miniature Super Mario Bros characters.

  28. 28
    Lexien says:

    Sorry if anyone’s already said this, but they also do Star Tinned candies – Like the sour Mushroom Tins but, unsurprisingly, star shaped tins and star shaped candies inside. They aren’t sour but taste quite sweet.

    I found them at ForbiddenPlanet online:

    They are £2.99GBP each, and I have no idea if they deliver/are available in America I’m afraid.

    The star tins are MUCH easier to open!! I struggled with my mushroom tin – although I thought it was worth it because I actually liked the candy inside.

  29. 29
    Owen Bell says:

    I like both the Gamecube and Xbox, we have them in our home office and also in our living room.*;*

  30. 30
    smurf says:

    i have been serching for over an hour and i cant find any of the nintendo sweets i want i am looking for gamecube gummy sweets, ladder game candy, gameboy advance candy, marshmallow jelly pops, jelly pops, magic pops, mario bombs, mario bubble gum, nintendo gameboy bubble gum, nintendo power pop candy, mario cart 64 candy, game disk container, nintendo tattoos and nintendo 3D gummy candy (all of these items are nintendo sweets) if any 1 know where i can get any of htese plz tell me and i live in the uk so the site needs 2 be able 2 send 2 the uk thx :)

  31. 31
    Luigi_Mario97 says:

    Question Box Candy!

  32. 32
    Lew says:

    I’m so glad I Googled “Nintendo sour apple how to open tin” or I’d still be struggling and swearing my head off.

  33. 33
    Sword OfDamocles says:

    WAAAAAAAAAAAY back in 1988 they had a super mario chocolate bar that was incredible, they also had SMB2 ice cream bars and a small assortment of mario sodas in those mini-cans, the only one I remember was the Yoshi once because they were a pungent green apple

  34. 34
    John says:

    hahaha…yeah, I was totally singing along to the Mario Bros. theme as I was reading the article. Amazing!

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