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Super Dickmann’s and Mini Dickmann’s

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Super Dickmann's and Mini Dickmann's

Here’s another oddly-named foreign candy. This one is from Storck, the makers of Riesen. I can’t make this stuff up:

Since 1985 Super Dickmann’s has been the biggest among the chocolate foam kisses.

Who doesn’t know the slogan “Man, they are Dickmann”? Under this motto Super Dickmann’s from Storck quickly became Germany’s most popular chocolate foam kiss.

Mini Dickmann’s was then introduced in 1990. These products are also enjoyed by people in some neighboring European countries.

I’m not sure what a chocolate foam kiss is, but does it matter? Check out that picture above. Funny stuff. Just looking at that picture makes me laugh out loud. You can fill in your own punchlines in the comments section. I can’t tell if they are trying for the innuendo or if it’s unintentional. I read online that Dickmann is a common surname, so it must be unintentional. Still funny though.

Here’s another picture:

Super Dickmann's

(via david kearns dot com)

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11 Responses to “Super Dickmann’s and Mini Dickmann’s”

  1. 1
    Ariel says:

    I think that what disturbs me most about these (and that’s really saying something, as these are pretty disturbing all around), is the fact that these so-called “Dickmann’s” are filled with a white, creamy substance.

    … Ew.

    RESPONSE: Yep – I was not mentioning that so you readers would. Good job! :)

  2. 2
    Uri Baruchin says:

    There is a similar product in Israel called creme-bo. (“krembo”)
    It’s not unlike a very light and sweet tea-cake.

    The base is a biscuit, a very thin layer of chocolate filled with foam creme.

  3. 3
    Angel H. says:

    Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls sold seperately!

  4. 4
    Lian says:

    putting dickmanns in vacuum chambers is an all time physics class classic in germany ^^
    the most whacky thing about these is the tv ad. check it out at

  5. 5
    E says:

    actually I love them, though it’s impossible to eat too many of them at the same time. it’s a complete joy to first carefully eat off the chocolate and then take a huge munch of the foam. “dick” means “plump/thick” in german btw, so we have no such associations as you guys! they are often smacked into friends’ faces among kids.

  6. 6
    Jim says:

    I had the pleasure of eating my first Super Dickmann’s earlier this month while on vacation in Germany. Not too bad… I also found out there is an alternate name for them among the Germans stemming from a derogatory term for a particular race (which is not appropriate to post).

  7. 7
    coredump says:

    Actually there is more than one no longer politically correct term for them (Mohrenkopf and Negerkuss respectively), although in the German language they are used only as a term for this type of candy and aren’t generally considered offensive.

  8. 8
    Eduard says:

    What this is, is actually a little house of very fluffy marshmallow, covered with a very thin layer of chcolate. The marshmallow is put on a very thin crisp wafer to hold everything together.
    To me, the combination is a bit too sweet, but I can imagine a lot of people loving it…
    It’s also sold in The Netherlands, where I’m at…

  9. 9
    Leigha says:

    LOL. The fact that they are called dickmans made me start roflmao! Andthe shape is all eeww!!!This is my first ever comment. I would so try the though, only once iget past the fact notedin the first few sentences. Itsoundsgood and after reading all theway up to this in this category and the whole grosscategory! I wish that i lived in the U.S!!!!!!!Anyways……time to read till like 3:00am (itsalready 12:08)

  10. 10
    ruth says:

    I was on a trip to Austria earlier this year with my university and I happened to see a package of Super Dickmann’s in a grocery store. It became necessary to purchase them. The cover of the box is now a poster on my wall. Not only are they a wonderful conversation piece, they’re delicious too! I’ve had them before, but as a Lebanese dessert, where they’re called “slaves’ heads.” Charming.

  11. 11
    Heidi says:

    Ya’ll make fun but this candy is the bomb! If only I could get them shipped to the states.

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