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Candy Review: Diablo Ice Energy Strips

Admittedly, these aren’t actually candy, so I may not be the best judge of these. I’m just not an energy drink kind of guy. In fact, I don’t think I have ever bought an energy drink (wait, I might have had a Red Bull cocktail once – maybe). Diablo Ice Energy Strips are made by […]

PEZ Stem Tshirt

We mentioned PEZheads – The Movie (a PEZ documentary movie) previously, and now they’ve opened up pre-orders for the DVD, set to ship in September. PEZheads – The Movie is a documentary about PEZ and PEZ Collectors. It explores the phenomenon of PEZ collecting through interviews with a variety of collectors and vendors, as well […]

Candy Review: Dark Chocolate M&Ms

So, Dark Chocolate M&Ms have returned for good. I picked up my bag at the local dollar store for 50 cents. I was surprised to see them there since they usually only carry old/outdated/weird candy and these just came out. I missed them when they came out the first time as a Star Wars tie-in […]

Candy Review: Madelaine Chocolates

(Mix and Match Malt balls) I’ll have to admit, I had never heard of Madelaine Chocolate Novelties, Inc. before they contacted me and offered to send me some samples to review. It turns out they are quite the chocolate powerhouse with currently 449 products online, so you are sure to find something made with chocolate […]

Whiz Candy – An Oddly-Named Candy from Yesteryear

(click to enlarge) I posted a link a while back to a scanned 1949 candy salesman book that is just incredible to look through. While browsing the pages I noticed the above ad for Whiz “The best nickel candy there iz-z” which fits nicely into our growing collection of oddly-named candy. Check out this awesome […]