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Candy Review: Madelaine Chocolates

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Madelaine Mix and Match Malt balls
(Mix and Match Malt balls)

I’ll have to admit, I had never heard of Madelaine Chocolate Novelties, Inc. before they contacted me and offered to send me some samples to review. It turns out they are quite the chocolate powerhouse with currently 449 products online, so you are sure to find something made with chocolate to satisfy your desires. Despite the term “Novelties”, these people are serious about their chocolates. What follows is a rundown and brief review of each item I received for review.

Dark Chocolate Hearts

Dark Chocolate Hearts

At the heart (no pun intended) of any chocolate-making company is the chocolate. The mini hearts were 72% dark chocolate and they are quite good – very smooth, nice flavor – good stuff. Good enough that I wanted to just eat all of the hearts (four) in one sitting but I showed some self-control and saved them. I’m eating another now as I write this. YUM!

Dark Chocolate-Covered Blueberries and Cranberries

Madelaine Dark Chocolate-covered Blueberries

I think I was spoiled by the chocolate-covered blueberries I reviewed a while back that were made with milk chocolate, because these were good, but I didn’t think they were great. The blueberries in these are dried like raisins, but I don’t think the dark chocolate fits as well with the blueberries as milk chocolate would.

As for the Chocolate-Covered Cranberries, I wasn’t sure what to expect since my only exposure to cranberries has been at Thanksgiving dinner (that cranberry stuff in a can) and cranberry juice. It turns out that the dried cranberries inside are quite tart – so much so that they almost, but not quite, overwhelm the chocolate flavor. I kind of like these though – I like the tart cranberry kick and I’m not a person that usually likes a lot of fruit.

Chocolate-covered nuts (almonds and cashews)

Chocolate-covered Cashews

What amazes me the most about these choclate-covered nuts is how much chocolate coats them. They are literally twice as wide with the chocolate than without. You get a ton of chocolate on them. It’s like eating a chocolate candy bar with nuts. They are both great. I wasn’t sure if I’d like chocolate-covered cashews, but they are quite good as are the chocolate-covered almonds. I can heartily recommend these.

Gourmet “Mix & Match Malt Balls”

Madelaine Mix and Match Malt balls

I was really looking forward to the Mix & Match Malt Balls since I love malt so much. Whoppers (any malted milk ball really) are one of my favorite candies. To make the Mix & Match Malt Balls, they drench the malt center in creamy milk chocolate and cover it with a colorful confectionary coating. These are available in all the colors of the rainbow (see picture above) so you can really make some unique/specialized mixtures for weddings, holidays, etc.

These sound good, but I didn’t really like these. The confectionary coating tastes too much like white chocolate for me (too sweet) and the addition of that extra layer throws off the whole malt-to-coating ratio too much for me. Give me a regular chocolate-coated malt ball any day. They did send me one (yes, one) dark chocolate malt ball and that was awesome. The dark chocolate mixed with the malt was a great taste I don’t think I’ve had before. Man, that was good. Highly recommended especially if you like dark chocolate and malt.

All of the Madelaine Chocolate products are available online at their website, local stores, and some are even available on Amazon.

Buy Madelaine Chocolate online:

  • Buy Madelaine Chocolate at Amazon

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5 Responses to “Candy Review: Madelaine Chocolates”

  1. 1
    cybele says:

    I’m glad to see you liked them too! I’ve had some of their novelty items (poker chips and chocolate coins) and I was blown away with how good they were, in addition to how pretty.

    I tried their malt balls at the All Candy Expo and I have to say I agree – the proportions were off but they were certanily pretty.

  2. 2
    Adam says:

    Madelaine Chocolates are the only company I trust when buying “Novelties”. The quality always shocks people. They are used to the bad “chocolate like” items they find at drug stores. When they bite into Madelaine’s Chocolate Poker Chips they know it’s quality chocolate. To find Madelaine’s items with a twist check out

  3. 3
    wes sprunk says:

    interested in Madelaine chololate cards ( mint truffles)

  4. 4
    James Chen says:

    Wow that’s delicious

  5. 5
    William Jacob says:

    Since I am not a retailer, I could not access the Madelaine site to obtain this information. Could you possibly supply allergy information for Madelaine Turkey Pops 000609053001? My grandson is allergic to nuts and I am afraid to give them to him without this information. The retail house where we bought them did not have this information.
    Thank You
    William Jacob

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