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Candy Scabs

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Lick Your Wounds Candy Scabs

Yes, you read that right. These are candy scabs. They come on an adhesive bandage replica that sticks to skin and encloses a candy ‘scab’ for licking so you can keep some candy on you (hidden) for licking any time. We have officially reached the top (or is it bottom?) of the gross scale. These are due out on the market in September of this year. I am officially repulsed (but will probably buy some).

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UPDATE: We have reviewed them!

Candy Scabs Bandage

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8 Responses to “Candy Scabs”

  1. 1
    Random Good Stuff says:

    Weird Candy: Lick your own Scabs

    What’s next eat your own s***? LINK [via] Your One-Stop Shopping for Candy Tags: Candy, Weird, Odd, Skanky, For Kids, Bizarre, Wounds, Scabs, Licking, Gross

  2. 2
    Total Blogal says:

    Eigene Wunden lecken kann schmecken

    Ab September gibt es diese neue Süssigkeit zu kaufen… Frage … was kommt als nächsts? Friß Deine eigene Sch****? Bon Apetit! LINK [via] Hitflip – jetzt einfach, sicher, preiswert und legal DVDs tauschen Tags: Süßes, Süßigkeiten, Zahnarzt, W…

  3. 3
    Fun Links Daily says:

    [...] Candy Scabs [...]

  4. 4
    Rhea says:

    This is a throwback to the gross-out candies of the — was it the 1980s?

  5. 5
    punkrockgoth1988 says:

    Now this is awesome! I’d totally go for a candy like this. Imagine being in a place where there are signs all around saying no food or drink/candy whatever… and you have some of these on ya… just peel back the bandage and lick… I could easily hide a candy scab on my wrists… They’re covered by bracelets most of the time…

  6. 6
    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyo says:

    hi this is the sweetest thing i have ever seen i love it i wish i could eat it right now!!!

  7. 7
    Kayla says:

    Oh God, i was eating, that ruined my appetite. GROSS! ;(

  8. 8
    betty says:

    where to buy?

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