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Die Roten

A reader recently sent me the above picture and this email: Brian – Were you at the candy show this year? I passed by a small booth, saw this product from Europe, and thought of your website immediately. I took a photo from my mobile phone, so you if you like, you can add this […]

Fried Candy Bars in NYC

Oddly enough, my review of Deep Fried Snickers is one of the most visited pages here on Candy Addict. Recently, the topic of fried candy bars came up in discussion in the candyswappers group. Sarah had this to say: If you’re a New Yorker, there’s the always wonderful Chip Shop in Park Slope. They deep […]

Nestle to buy Jenny Craig

Somebody call Webster’s, I think there is a new definition of irony…. a candy maker is purchasing a health food company. That’s right, Nestle, the candy-maker extraordinaire, responsible for such brands as Dreyer’s Ice Cream, KitKat & Stouffer’s, announced that they will be purchasing weight loss company Jenny Craig. Nestle will be purchasing the company […]

Nathan’s Famous Gummi Hot Dogs

Taste of Nature, Inc. the manufacturer of Cookie Dough Bites, Care Bears Gummi Bears, Sqwigglies, Muddy Bears, Shari Candies and Cotton Candy Swirl has announced this month that they will be debuting Nathan’s Famous Gummi Hot Dogs in July of 2006. These fruit-flavored gummies are in the shape of America’s favorite food – hot dogs […]

Hockey Candy

In celebration of the Carolina Hurricanes winning the Stanley Cup (I live near Raleigh, NC – GO ‘CANES!), I thought I’d look into what hockey-themed candy is available. Turns out there’s not much. Here’s what I found: Hockey Puck Gum: sour candy gum in a reusable hockey puck Fudgie Puck and Rink Bar: chocolate, hockey-themed, […]