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Review: Ritter Sport – Blutorange weisse Joghurt-Schokolade (Blood Orange with Yogurt Chocolate)

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Ritter Sport Blutoranage

Here is another candy brought back from my friend traveling in Germany (Alpenliebe – Espresso Caramelle Colate was the first), this time it’s Ritter Sport Blutorange weisse Joghurt-Schokolade, which translates into Blood Orange with Yogurt Chocolate. I was a little tentative to try this, because often do you get to try Blood Orange candy? Of course, I did try it, this wouldn’t be much of a review if I hadn’t.

The package is resealable (are you listening Hershey?), and contains 16 squares of the candy, which is layered with yogurt chocolate, pink blood orange filling and then more yogurt chocolate on top. These are actually pretty decent, tasting kind of like a more tart Creamsicle. The yogurt chocolate, which I’ve never heard of, tastes similar to white chocolate, but in my opinion better. I’m not sure if this is another name for white chocolate, and I couldn’t really find anything online, any readers know? There is also a small amount of rice crisps in these, and it’s also a low-fat candy.

These are technically only available in Germany, but you can find some sites online to order from if you poke around. Here they are at

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7 Responses to “Review: Ritter Sport – Blutorange weisse Joghurt-Schokolade (Blood Orange with Yogurt Chocolate)”

  1. 1
    Nic says:

    Whoa. I have to say that I think this bar sounds great! I love the idea of a blood orange flavored candy and I think the “tart Creamsicle” description really sold me.

  2. 2
    shelly says:

    This Blood Orange Yogurt Chocolate is OUT OF CONTROL GOOD!! I just returned from Frankfurt and bought a few at the airport…cannot believe how delicious they are. They are currently sold out on the website, and I couldn’t find this flavor on the website, but hope to order some to send to family.

  3. 3
    crash says:

    22 years I couldn’t live without chocolate until I ate this… and I threw it all up:)
    So my chocolate addiction is over now=))
    Thanks to Ritter Sport for making such an awful chocolate:D I’m gonna save a lot of money now:)

  4. 4
    E says:

    I think the yoghurt refers to the filling. the chocolate itself should be white chocolate at least. the white chocolate/yoghurt stuff is sold only in summer (it’s supposed to be “light, fruity” summerchocolate, so you can’t get them in winter). yoghurt chocolate is popular in germany, usually it comes as dark chocolate with a yoghurt filling. it’s by no means low-fat candy btw – as far as I know, yoghurt chocolate has even more calories than ordinary milk chocolate.

  5. 5
    Nika’s Culinaria » Blood Orange: An irresistible photo-meme says:

    [...] Before some 2 years ago, I had never heard of blood oranges. Now it seems like they are everywhere. I love oranges, especially the kind you peel, like navels. I adore fresh squeezed but dont like doing it myself (dont like to get the citric acid all over my poor dry winter skin and the wax the stores put on the peel always ends up flaking off onto my palms – yucktastic).If you search across the food blogosphere, you will find many examples of blood orange lust. Here is a small listing for you to cruise at your leisure: MattBites beautiful blood oranges The Food Section on blood oranges NYTimes California Blood Orange a Blood Orange Quinoa Salad Blood Orange Cordials German blood orange kit kat sort of candies Blood Orange Sour [...]

  6. 6
    Marzipan says:

    I tried the bloodorange Ritter Sport when I was in Germany. I thought it was good, but not the best thing Ritter Sport has made. I would kill for the Marzipan and Ganzemandel (whole almond) varieties. Marzipan Ritter Sports are now available at almost any grocery store now and even Target sells them (Target has the cheapest ones I’ve found in the states). I haven’t seen Ganzemandel anywhere here. They put Hershey almond bars to shame! Other varieties I’ve tried: Cocos (coconut)- VERY rich, it’s not like an almondjoy, the coconut filling is a thick cream. I couldn’t finish this chocolate bar in one sitting.
    Traubennuss (raisin hazelnut): I wasn’t a big fan, it is rum flavored and I don’t really like rum chocolate.
    Alpenmilsch (alpine milk chocolate)- a little bland, but alpine milk chocolate is supposed to be that way. I just have a preference for darker varieties.
    When I was in Germany, there was also a white chocolate blood orange Kit Kat for sale.

  7. 7
    Maria says:

    I actually found Ritter Sport to be the cheapest at Trader Joe’s, selling for $1.49 per 100 grams (about 40 cents cheaper than that in Target). The only problem is that Trader Joe’s does not have a big selection of flavors. I literally live on chocolate and my day doesn’t work out unless I eat real chocolate (Hersheys, ugh!). Thanks to Ritter Sport, I am mesmerized daily by the smooth, creamy, extravagantly delicious chocolate in a resealable package. YUM!
    Interesting how you found the Marzipan flavor to be your favorite; that one is least appealing to me. It strays from the taste of other Ritter Sport chocolates.

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