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Review: Alpenliebe – Espresso Caramelle Colate

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Alpenliebe Espresso

Coming all the way from Italy in my friend’s luggage we have Alpenliebe, manufactured by Perfetti Van Melle. Perfetti is probably best known in the US for Mentos and AirHeads. If you’re wondering what Alpenliebe are like, imagine the size, shape, and consistency of a Werther’s Original if it was caramel flavored, now dip it in chocolate and coffee flavoring.

While I normally hate anything coffee-flavored, I didn’t really mind these. I wasn’t even going to try them, but I figured since they travelled all the way from Italy, I couldn’t NOT try them. Once I got over the initail “Wow this is coffee” flavor, they were actually pretty good, and they lasted a really long time, which was good as I was stuck at my desk all day munching on them.

These are also sugar-free (Sensa Zucchero in Italian) and come in a box that is like a tiny cigarette pack, except that they have a little tiny flap inside that holds the lid closed, which might be one of the greatest things ever. Overall, pretty good, especially if you are looking for a hard candy, and are a big fan of coffee flavoring, as I’m sure some of our readers are. These don’t appear to be available in the United States, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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13 Responses to “Review: Alpenliebe – Espresso Caramelle Colate”

  1. 1
    temo says:

    ur site makes me starve *drool

  2. 2
    Alan Ullman says:

    I brought 2 boxes of Alpenliebe – Espresso… candy back from Italy without trying them. What a mistake; if I’d tasted them in Italy, I’d have brought back a case! If you like coffee, these are wonderful; one of the best coffee flavored candies I’ve every tried, and I’ve been tasting coffee candy for decades.

  3. 3
    Ida says:

    My dad also brought these candys back from Italy. I just had one. They are soo good.

  4. 4
    Ginger says:

    I brought two boxes back from Italy too. One was espresso and the other fragola. I have savored them many months. I go back to Italy in a week and I entend on bringing back lots more. I got the sugar free. mmmmmm

  5. 5
    nina says:

    this alpenlibe caramels as out of this world
    the light version of it

  6. 6
    Don M says:

    Good is not the word! I brought back 2 boxes from Italy, and like Alan U says, I should have brought back a case.

  7. 7
    Kabinet Savané says:

    I will like to get an information about your candies if you dot mind sending my anwser in french since I am in french speaking country (Guinea)W Africa.
    I can be reached at 224-60-25-26-12


  8. 8
    Suzy says:

    Visited Belgium and picked upa package while wandering through a store. Didn’t try them til I was home…sooo wish I had. Now back home and can’t find them. :*( Any suggestions (other than another trip to Belgium)?
    I had the caramel sugar free:

  9. 9
    CHE says:

    I saw Alpenliebe in a convenience store in Shanghai.. I tried and I gave it to my friends. They love it!

  10. 10
    Agata says:

    Does any one know if we could get then in UK!?

  11. 11
    m.j.koman says:

    wilt u s.v.p. zo vriendelijk zijn om mij adressen op te geven waar ik uw heerlijke suikervrije snoepjes bij

    mij in mijn woonplaats papendrecht kan kopen?


  12. 12
    Tineke says:

    Mijn moeder mag allen suikervrij-snoep.
    Zij is dol op caramel en espresso van Van Melle.
    Eerst kon ik deze snoepjes kopen bij Ridderkerk.
    Waar kan ik ze in in de toekomst kopen in Ridderkerk?
    Hartelijk dank,

  13. 13
    Shirley Fischer says:

    Are your assorted fruit and cream candies gluten free?
    Thank you..

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