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Die Roten

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Die Roten

A reader recently sent me the above picture and this email:

Brian –

Were you at the candy show this year?

I passed by a small booth, saw this product from Europe, and thought of your website immediately. I took a photo from my mobile phone, so you if you like, you can add this to Collon as another not-so-well-suited-for-America brand names.

Really enjoy your site and glad to see it grow and grow.

Take care,


I have chronicled a number of poorly named (by English standards) candy, and Die Roten should definitely be included. According to Google’s translation, Die Roten means “The Red” in German. I couldn’t find any other information on the candy/gum/whatever-it-is. UPDATE: A reader has commented and said he’s pretty sure it’s sugar-free chewing gum.

Here are some other oddly named candies I have discovered:

The candy show he mentioned was the All Candy Expo earlier this month.

Thanks for the email, Kevin!

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6 Responses to “Die Roten”

  1. 1
    ruffy says:

    i think “kaugummi” means chewing gum

    and “ohne zucker” means sugar free

    that’s about the extent of my high school german knowledge :)

  2. 2
    schlaura says:

    I´m from Germany, and you´re right ,

    “Kaugummi” means chewing gum

    and it´s sugar free, “Die Roten” means the red ones,

    but you found it out on your own , SCHADE!!!

  3. 3
    Dave says:

    Hi there, from germany too…

    the 96 is the emblem of a famous soccer club called “hannover 96″.
    i didnt know they got their own candy!

  4. 4
    Tenniel says:

    I am sorry this will be vauge as my memories of this candy are from when I was quite young. When I was a kid we had an old German couple who lived across the street from us and whenever they went to Germany, they brought us back a big ol box of chocolate. Well I seem to remember one and it was little individual ones and they came with these bright coloured stickers with this cartoon type rabbit on it and a German word or phrase on the sticker? Does anyone know what these are, if they’re still available, and if so where one could get them? Thanks so much!

  5. 5
    Tenniel says:

    Oh!! I visited that German Deli website, and I think I found what I’m looking for (Ferrero Hanuta Haselnuss-Schnitte). They are these cookie/waffer things with chocolate inside, they used to have those stickers though, anyone else remember?? Well I am just super excited now, thanks to this website I have found a childhood favourite!

  6. 6
    Leigha says:

    No! I will not die rotten! I will die fresh thank you very much! LOL

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