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Review: Yan Yan Double Cream

When my dad visits my house, he always enjoys a shopping spree at the local Asian grocery store. I never know what he’s going to come home with, and this time he brought back a cup of Meiji Yan Yan Double Cream. For seventy-nine cents, we got a 1.55oz cup that had ten tubular crackers […]

Review: Ritter Sport – Blutorange weisse Joghurt-Schokolade (Blood Orange with Yogurt Chocolate)

Here is another candy brought back from my friend traveling in Germany (Alpenliebe – Espresso Caramelle Colate was the first), this time it’s Ritter Sport Blutorange weisse Joghurt-Schokolade, which translates into Blood Orange with Yogurt Chocolate. I was a little tentative to try this, because often do you get to try Blood Orange candy? […]

Review: Alpenliebe – Espresso Caramelle Colate

Coming all the way from Italy in my friend’s luggage we have Alpenliebe, manufactured by Perfetti Van Melle. Perfetti is probably best known in the US for Mentos and AirHeads. If you’re wondering what Alpenliebe are like, imagine the size, shape, and consistency of a Werther’s Original if it was caramel flavored, now dip it […]

World Cup Soccer (Football) Candy

As competition at the World Cup steps up into the knockout round, a soccer-candy-themed party could be a great excuse to get some friends together and celebrate summer. From stamped gumballs to an artfully crafted replica of the World Cup trophy, there’s a soccer candy product for almost any fan on any budget. My favorite […]

Weird Candy Trivia: Saddam Hussein’s Candy

Here’s a candy trivia item I discovered the other day: What two candy bars were found in the farmhouse near the hole Saddam Hussein was found in when he was captured by U.S. forces? (Yes, I know this is OLD news, but I hadn’t started Candy Addict when this happened and I have never heard […]