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PEZHeads: The Movie

PEZHeads: The Movie is an in-the-works documentary about the tiny candy loved by many, PEZ. The filmmakers are asking for help from you, the PEZ-loving community as a whole. They’re looking for photos of you doing things that involve PEZ – eating PEZ, buying PEZ, or doing anything involving PEZ.

Here’s what they’re looking for specifically, from their website:

  • Hunting for PEZ – shots of you at yard sales or flea markets
  • Old photos – home photos, vacation photos, road trips of you, family or friends w/ PEZ. If there’s a story behind it, let us know.
  • Convention Photos – fun or sentimental photos from the first Cleveland conventions to the present. Also, toy show photos containing PEZ
  • Home Collections – you in front of your collection or you with your favorite PEZ or shots of “PEZ rooms.” Be creative! Be fun! The crazier the photos the more likely we are to use them.
  • Anything else – the PEZ photos old or new that you would love to see documented for all the world to see.

So if you have anything that you think would help their cause of finishing their Pez documentary, you can get all of the details about submitting to the movie at the movie’s website. Check out the rest of their site as well to learn more about the movie.

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