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Diablo Ice Energy Strips

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Diablo Ice

From the makers of Diablo Energy Drink comes Diablo Ice Energy Strips. Packed with “guarana, panax ginseng, vitamin C and cranberry extract to give consumers a very portable and potent product that delivers fresher breath along with an instant boost in energy.”

Diablo Ice has a unique fruity flavor with a splash of menthol to give you a cool, fresh mouth sensation and is also sugar free, fat free, calorie free and ephedrine free. The Diablo Ice Energy Strips come in the now-familiar “dissolving film” format and are said to give you instant energy within 60 seconds. If you just want a little bit of focus you can take 1 strip. If you want to be very alert and full of energy you can take 2-3 strips.

Look for Diablo Ice Energy Strips at a convenience store near you.

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2 Responses to “Diablo Ice Energy Strips”

  1. 1
    Kirsti says:

    Let’s see what kid gets suspended for this one (re: the Jones gum girl)…………


    RESPONSE: Hehe

  2. 2
    rachel b. says:

    i tasted these strips at the candy expo. yick!! did you taste it? it tastes bad. if i could have spit it out, i would have, but those filmy papers adhere the tongue to the roof of the mouth. i’m not a fan of the format in general.

    RESPONSE: Yes, I have tried them – review coming :)

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