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Katagazi Snack Foods

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The official launch of Katagazi will happen on June 6 during the All Candy Expo, but here is an exclusive sneak peak at the new offerings. Freshworks, Inc, will be unveiling Katagazi!, a new snack brand and product line. They are bringing products in more than sixteen flavors, from nuts to cookie sticks to breadsticks and pretzel twists and they are all aimed at the teen and young adult market.

The cookie sticks are most interesting to me:

Inspired by Asian snack cookies, Katagazi! cookies with a variety of flavors inside and out. They are sold under the names of YUMWANDS, YUMWANDS CRUNCH, CHOCOPODS, FUNKY DUNK, SMOOVANILLA and BERRYLUV.

Those are some great names. I especially like the name CHOCOPODS – they sound like chocolate aliens invading Earth. The company has offered to send us some products to review so look for a review (or reviews) in the near future! Read the entire press release here.

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One Response to “Katagazi Snack Foods”

  1. 1
    Robyn says:

    Aw, what cute packaging. I love shawnimals!

    I initially read “YUMWANDS” as “YUMWADS“. I liked the sound of YUMWADS…but maybe it’s not such a good name.

    Anyhoo, it’s cool to see something influenced by Asian snacks. Then again, I live near Asian groceries so it’s pretty easy for me to fulfill my addiction to them. :)

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