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Smarties Go Natural and Lose Blue

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Beginning next month, Smarties (U.K. Smarties, not the U.S. Smarties) will be free from artificial colors for the first time in their 69-year history. The company is moving to use only natural colorings and because of this, they will eliminate the blue Smarties.

“The thing about blue is there are no natural equivalents. All the others can be obtained from natural sources,” said Linda Hodge, a dietitian.

Smarties were originally found in red, yellow, orange, green, pink and light and dark brown colors and the blue ones only came into existence in 1988. However these proved to be a huge attraction and eventually replaced the light brown variety.

Nestle will run a $5.67 million campaign, including TV ads targeting parents, and pertinent packs will carry a “no artificial colors” message. Special in-store displays will carry information of choices available.

So, for any big fans of blue Smarties, stock up now because come June, the blue will be gone, and you will be the blue one. I still have never tried Smarties. I don’t have much excuse though since Amazon sells Smarties.

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3 Responses to “Smarties Go Natural and Lose Blue”

  1. 1
    g says:

    When I was in Europe a few years back I bought some limited edition Smarties where all of the red ones had strawberry flavored candy shells. Those were so good. I still enjoy smarties, but they just aren’t the same without the strawberry ones mixed in.

  2. 2
    jenny says:

    I assume this will affect Canadian Smarties. That’s the easiest place to get em if you’re American.

    RESPONSE: I’m assuming it affects all non-US Smarties.

  3. 3
    richard says:

    blue smarties were available in europe long before they were introduced to the uk, but they were a darker shade of blue than the british ones, anyway its good that they are finally removing artificial colourings from this popular candy!

    RESPONSE: Being from the U.S., I always considered the U.K. part of Europe – is that not correct?

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