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Review: Garfield Chocobites

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Garfield Chocobites

Garfield’s Chocobites taste like stale peanuts covered in musty chocolate. They’re similar to Peanut M&M’s, except that they’re terrible. I bought them from a hospital vending machine, which is my new favorite place to forage for hard-to-find candy. The Chocobites were eighty cents, like almost all the other candy in the hospital. I guess they’re using price inflation to discourage Candy Addicts, but if they really want to stop us, they’ll quit putting seemingly cool stuff in their machines.

The Chocobites weren’t worth a dime. Even the colored candy coating looked a little off, sort of like it was blurry. I bit a red one in half, which is what I do to almost everything when I eat, just to make sure there’s nothing unwanted hiding inside. It looked okay, again, much like a peanut M&M, so I chewed up the entire thing, which was a mistake.

As best as I can tell, Arcor, the Argentine company that produced the Chocobites, doesn’t make time to brag about them (Arcor also makes another M&M-like candy – Rocklets). I couldn’t find anything about the Chocbites on Garfield’s official Website, either, although I know the fat cat doesn’t shy from candy, since a PEZ dispenser is for sale on his site.

I ate the whole package out of fairness to see if any of the Chocobites tasted better than the first few. They didn’t. Garfield should stick to his tried-and-true favorite – lasagna.

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One Response to “Review: Garfield Chocobites”

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    David de la Fuente says:

    I could not agree more. Got a pack out of the vending machine here at work and was shocked at how awful these were. Bad, waxy chocolate and a cheap candy coating — not a good combination.

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