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Candy Addict on MySpace and LiveJournal

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All the cool kids are doing it and lord knows I want to be a cool kid, so Candy Addict is now on MySpace and LiveJournal. Go ahead and add me as a friend. Right now I look like one of those uncool kids with no friends (but at least I have my candy). Candy Addict is also syndicated on LiveJournal so you can add the feed to your friends (or however that works with LJ).

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5 Responses to “Candy Addict on MySpace and LiveJournal”

  1. 1
    g says:

    I’m most certainly not a cool kid, but I’ll still add you as my friend.

    RESPONSE: I wasn’t saying I wanted only cool kids to be my friends! :)

  2. 2
    Bridget says:

    Friended you on both! :-) (I’m froia_arme on LJ)

  3. 3
    Brian says:

    Thanks everyone! I have friends!!!!

  4. 4
    lisa says:

    Hey Brian,

    I am a LiveJournal user and I subscribe to the CandyAddict feed. Anytime an entry is posted with an embedded image, it shows up at LiveJournal as the animated “less is more… unless you’re talking candy” image rather than what was posted. This may be your intention, if you’re trying to cut down on your bandwidth charges, but in case it isn’t, I thought you might want to know about it. :-)


  5. 5
    Craig says:

    Anyone else having bother with myspace or is it just my pc?
    Last couple of days it seems it wont let me download any song from anywhere.
    Anyone having same bother – or anyone how to sort it?

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