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Candy Review: Pirate Pearls – White Chocolate M&M’s

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Pirate Pearls - white chocolate M&Ms

Adding to the expanding line of M&M flavors comes the new Pirate Pearl White Chocolate M&Ms (the first time M&M’s have ever been available in white chocolate, I might add). They are a promotional tie-in with the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and the pastel colored M&M’s feature both pirate-themed bag artwork, as well as pirate designs printed directly onto the candy (see above).

How do they taste? Actually, not all that bad, considering I am not usually a fan of white chocolate. I think I got my fill of it when I was young and allergic to Milk Chocolate. Since then, I’ve always had an aversion. I found it interesting that you can really taste the candy shell on these. I had always assumed the candy shells were chocolate, or flavorless, but with the white chocolate you can really taste the shell and tell that it definitely adds something to the entire M&M taste.

In addition to the white chocolate creation, M&M’s is also releasing M&M’S Minis Sunken Treasure Mix which actually change color – I can’t wait to try those! There’s also M&M’S Milk Chocolate Pirate Gems and M&M’S Peanut Chocolate Captain’s Gold varieties. It should go without saying, but these are limited edition (even though the bag doesn’t say it, they are), and were just released nationwide this week, so keep your eyes peeled for them if you want to try them.

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30 Responses to “Candy Review: Pirate Pearls – White Chocolate M&M’s”

  1. 1
    Holly S. says:

    The hubby and I had a chance to try the White Chocolate M&Ms today and I think that we came to a mutual conclusion – we like them better than the orginal plain M&Ms! Which, like you said, is fairly interesting since neither he nor I are huge fans of “white chocolate”. But these are fantastic and we’ll definitely be stocking up before the promotion is over and done with.

  2. 2
    Andrea Fowler says:

    As I sit here at my computer, my mouth is loaded with a handful of white chocolate M&Ms and I am noticing that those who are not white chocolate fans are actually enjoying these delicacies. Me, on the other hand, I absolutely LOVE white chocolate to begin with, so you can just imagine how much I am completely addicted to these new M&Ms!!!! I thought I was in heaven when white chocolate Kit Kat came out, but now I am going through an 18.6 ounce bag of these M&Ms every couple of days! I am SO HOOKED!!! I think I may have to go into rehab for M&M withdrawal when the “limited edition” time frame finally expires and they are no longer available!

  3. 3
    Makai says:

    Where can I buy these white chocolate M & M’s?

    RESPONSE: Most any store that sells candy. Drug stores, Wal-Mart, etc.

  4. 4
    Diana says:

    I cannot find the white chocolate M & M’s in the Kansas City area….Not at Wal-Mart or even drug stores. Any other suggestions? The area Walgreens managers said they only received one box for the store for promotion only.

  5. 5
    vickie hanka says:

    now that you have me hooked on these new white chocolate M%Ms I cant find them anywhere. Please tell me their going to be in stores again. PLEASE.Thank You .

  6. 6
    krie says:

    I too do not like white chocolate but am eating these right now! I wish M&Ms would make these a permanent fixture in their line up of M&Ms. I could do without Almond. Plus the bags are the same color so the switch would be easy! :)

  7. 7
    krie says:

    In response to above, I could not find them anywhere! My husband found the medium bag today at Menards (go figure) for $1.99

  8. 8
    Diane says:

    Ewwh. I thought these were terrible. Just way too sweet. But, then again, I’m not a big white chocolate fan either, so maybe that has alot to do with it. Also thought the mega m&ms were bad, too. It’s crazy how many new products they are coming out with now just to make a buck. Has anyone seen the reeses pieces with peanuts? I tried those today, too and didn’t like them. Actually, our favorite m&ms, though you don’t hear about them much anymore are the peanut butter ones!! good stuff

  9. 9
    Brian says:

    I don’t like white chocolate much. I tried these and didn’t care for them at all. They taste like what I thought they would – too much white chocolate. I ended up eating them with popcorn which made them palatable.


  10. 10
    Natalie says:

    I have not been able to locate any in my area, however, a family member has a bag for me. Considering I am allergic to chocolate, as you will find more & more individuals are, hearing what Mars Corp has done is a blessing for those of us that can not eat the “real” chocolate. I wish more of the candy companies would make more white chocolate products.

  11. 11
    Ursula says:

    Now that I tried some the white chocolate M & M’s seem to have vanished out of the stores again. Since there were already plenty in the regular chocolate, wish they kept these in the market instead.

  12. 12
    Going on a road trip at The Republic of Dogs says:

    [...] White Chocolate M&Ms Diet Pepsi Jazz — Strawberries and Creme [...]

  13. 13
    WANDA BOX says:

    I live in Vancouver Wa. and everyone here at work would like the new White Chocolate M&M’s. I can’t find them at Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Kmart. Where can I get them?

  14. 14
    Allie says:

    I could never find them at any of those stores either….but I found them at the dollar store. :)

  15. 15
    Melanie says:

    They are gone now! Apparently just a tie-in with the Movie. I am very bummed. I have 1 large bag left. I did find some single packs today at “the Dollar Tree.” I bought all 20 bags!

  16. 16
    Alice says:

    I have tried the white chocolate m&ms,because i have high blood pressure and can no longer have any caffine. I love them, havent seen any since. Where can I locate some in my area? I zip is 98034.

  17. 17
    Mary says:

    I have tried these, and they are delicious. But, I prefer to nuke them in the mic until they are just shiny, and soft in the center.

    They are great mixed in with chocolate, or maybe on French Toast, or cream cheese. They are also great out of the bag.

  18. 18
    Turaloora says:

    They are back but nt always easy to find. I found mine at a small market and a shell gas station. Try those

  19. 19
    Cathie says:

    I am completely addicted to the white chocolate M&M’s and my stash has run out. Does anyone know if they will be coming back out on the market since Disney is releasing a new Pirate Movie in May?


  20. 20
    Kat says:

    I have emailed M & M’s to see if they are going to put them out with the new movie. Will update when I hear.

    I sure hope they do because now in their place I am addicted to the white chocolate Lindt truffles. Not only are they so much more expensive, they have a billion calories…ah what a curse……


  21. 21
    Lindsey says:

    I have looked all over south louisiana and the white chocolate m&m’s are no where to be found. I am so addicted to them especially if you mix them with pistacios…:) And they decide to come out with the almond m&m’s and fool me every time i see them bc of the same bag color….I NEED ME SOME MORE WHITE CHOCOLATE….ARE THEY GONE???

  22. 22
    Stephan says:

    I believe that over a period of about 12 months, I consumed about 50 bags of these White Chocolate M&Ms. They are amazing! Actually I sent an email to the M & M corporation, to inquire about their availability and was told that they are no longer being made. However they are discussing whether or not to add them to the list of M&M currently being produced. Let’s Hope…..

  23. 23
    Cathie says:

    I too e-mailed the M&M Corporation directly and below is the reply that I got.

    In response to your email regarding M&M’S WHITE CHOCOLATE CANDIES.

    Thanks for contacting us about M&M’S WHITE CHOCOLATE CANDIES.

    Because we are reviewing our marketing strategy, this product is unavailable at
    this time. Your comments will be shared with our Marketing Staff.

    The product cannot be purchased via the Internet nor directly from us.

    Have a great day!

    Your Friends at Masterfoods USA
    A Division of Mars, Incorporated

  24. 24
    Cathie says:

    I too e-mailed the M& M corporation and was told the same thing the Stephan was told. I tried to post that reply here but this sight would not let me.

  25. 25
    janice says:

    I have been at many stores to find the white chocolate m&m’s. They are the best I have ever had and I hope you get them in the stores soon so we can all enjoy them.

  26. 26
    Linda says:

    I too, am a huge fan of these M&M’s and I certainly hope that they’ll appear on the shelves once again. I went to visit the M&M store in Vegas back in March hoping to spend a small fortune on these little goodies only to find that they were no longer available…….:( As it goes with everything else new that is good, it only appears for a short while only to be ripped from our hands, never to be seen again.

  27. 27
    manda says:

    My mom found these for me at Amelia’s..It’s a store in Pennsylvania [Ten or so locations..]She got me three bags but said they had tons. They were 3 for a dollar. x]

  28. 28
    Dennis says:

    I have been to the M&M Website and I can’t fine these little jewels at the site. This is scary. I live with a white chocholate fiend who has discovered them. Help me save my marriage…where can I find them?????

  29. 29
    martin says:

    You can still get these at Great Smoky Flea Market.. Got 3 packs today, and they are great.. 3 for a buck..

  30. 30
    Wendi Moore says:

    I would really like to know if these are still avialble in bulk or just in individual bags? I would like to get enough for about 200 people. Thanks

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