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Friday Fun: Pearls, Gems, and M&Ms Game

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M&Ms Pirate Game

Today’s Friday Fun goes right along with our pirate theme for today – it’s a game promoting the new Pirate M&Ms and the game is called Pearls, Gems and M&Ms. The gameplay we have all seen before a million times before but it’s worth playing because of the great comments the red M&M (his friends call him “Red”) makes to you while playing. Try making an invalid move or just sitting there not taking any moves and let Red insult you. Funny stuff.

Basically, you swap any two candies that are side-by-side to form a line of three or more matching candies. It starts out easy but with each new level more varieties of M&Ms are added making it that much harder to make a match. You can see how many “matches” there are currently on the board in the upper right and don’t forget you have three shuffles you can use at bottom of the screen.

I made it to level 10 my first time and scored 41700 which was just shy of making the top 100 scores (#100 was 42500). You can also play a Pirate Lingo game while at the site – it’s like Pirate Jeopardy. Just click on “Fun and Games” in the main menu. Have fun!

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2 Responses to “Friday Fun: Pearls, Gems, and M&Ms Game”

  1. 1
    Amber says:

    I was number 20! ADP! Woo hoo. That was fun!

  2. 2
    Katherine Campbell says:

    Diamonds and Rubys are my favorite gemstones, i like the color red and the sparkle of diamond.*`,

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