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Candy Review: Shock-A-Lots – chocolate covered coffee bean candy

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Holy [expletive deleted] these things are good! Shock-A-Lots are chocolate-covered coffee beans, but they also have a candy shell over the chocolate. Think of a Peanut M&M, but replace the peanut with a coffee bean and paint all the shells “radioactive warning sign” yellow and you have Shock-A-Lots.

The Shock-A-Lots website proclaims that they “are way tastier (no lie) than any other chocolate covered coffee bean you’ve ever had. ” When I read that I thought “yeah, right”. I’ve had chocolate covered coffee beans before but none of them were really good. They were all just so-so. I was hoping their statement wasn’t an exaggeration and it wasn’t. The Shock-A-Lots really are the best I’ve ever had and the best candy I have had in a while.

Just to be sure I wasn’t desperate for chocolate/candy/coffee, I happened to have some “other” chocolate covered coffee beans so I tried those too after the Shock-A-Lots. No comparison. The Shock-A-Lots are worlds better. Shock-A-Lots can be had in 1oz bags or 2oz tubes from various places around the net (links below) and they are surprisingly affordable.

The 1 oz. bag contains the caffeine equivalent of two cups of coffee too – so they are a great-tasting caffeine pick-me-up. As I sit here writing this at 11PM, just having eaten maybe 5 of the beans (not even half a bag), I am buzzing. Probably not the best time to eat these when I have to get up early in the morning for work. Well, like the makers of Shock-A-Lots say, “sleep is overrated”.

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3 Responses to “Candy Review: Shock-A-Lots – chocolate covered coffee bean candy”

  1. 1
    Brewcoffee says:

    I am looking something like this, but seems I can’t open the page above.

  2. 2
    Mike Derda says:

    I just got a pack in the mail from an ebay candy store. 1oz bag. Hope they be good. I hae only had the triple mocha cold drink by shock coffee b4 as it’s not easily found where I am. I will try there other stuff if I can ever get em. Anyone wil info/help that would be nice thanks peace!

  3. 3
    guest says:

    i just had some..they are good, yes
    i was hoping there was a comment on here to see if it makes u super crazy or jumpy or anything lol.

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