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Au’some new candies

(click to enlarge) Au’some Candies is showing some great new products at the All Candy Expo in June. They are listed below, but my favorite is the Bubble Roll Message Maker (seen above). It’s like one of those old labelmakers for labeling stuff around you house- only the labels are gum! The best part is […]

Candy Addiction Confirmed!

According to a scientific study reported at ABC News, candy addiction, or to be exact, sugar addiction has been confirmed in laboratory rats. it’s not the sugar that’s addictive, it’s the high it causes. Like drugs, sugar stimulates the release of dopamine, a “feel-good” neurotransmitter — among other functions. However, eating protein or other foods […]

How has PEZ affected your life?

PEZHeads: The Movie is an in-the-works documentary about the tiny candy loved by many, PEZ. The filmmakers are asking for help from you, the PEZ-loving community as a whole. They’re looking for photos of you doing things that involve PEZ – eating PEZ, buying PEZ, or doing anything involving PEZ. Here’s what they’re looking for […]

Diablo Ice Energy Strips

From the makers of Diablo Energy Drink comes Diablo Ice Energy Strips. Packed with “guarana, panax ginseng, vitamin C and cranberry extract to give consumers a very portable and potent product that delivers fresher breath along with an instant boost in energy.” Diablo Ice has a unique fruity flavor with a splash of menthol to […]

Review: Marich Chocolate Strawberries

Marich Chocolate Strawberries should come with a warning. This candy is dangerously addictive. I bought a small bag packaged from bulk supply at a local farmers’ market. The Chocolate Strawberries were $5.59 per pound, and I was too curious about their taste to be overly concerned about the price. From the first bite, the Chocolate […]