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Review: Cotton Candy Chubby Soda

This is another Dollar General Store find from a little while back. Before the review, we have to address the name – Chubby. Whose bright idea was it to call a soda Chubby? I can only assume it was named for the cute little Chubby bottle it comes in and not how you look or […]

Candy Addict in the papers!

Recently, Cheri McSpaden from the Holland Sentinel newspaper out of Holland, Michigan asked me if she could use my picture of Deep Fried Snickers (seen above) in a newspaper article. I said she could as long as she sent me a copy of the newspaper page it was used on. She held to her word […]

Candy-Themed Graduation Party

I’m going to have to start a category on the site called “Dear Candy Addict” for all the candy questions I get. Just call me the “Ann Landers of Candy”. Here’s an email I received from a reader named Falise about her niece’s graduation from high school: Dear Candy Addict, My niece chose candy as […]

Review: Lesser Evil Gourmet Popcorn

LesserEvil is a popcorn snack, and I’ll admit that it barely qualifies as candy, but some of the flavors are chocolatey, so that’s good enough for me (well, that and the fact that they sent some for me to review). LesserEvil is flavored popcorn that comes in a variety of flavors: KettleCorn, SinNamon, PeanutButter & […]

Name This Easter Candy

I received an email recently from a reader named LeeAnne and she is trying to remember the name of a favorite Easter candy: I’m currently studying in China and am craving a certain type of Easter candy: the logo, I believe, is a bunny head, and they used to make these foil-covered chocolate disks (thicker […]