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Google Gum (and Google Chocolate Poker Chips)

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Google Gum

Google really is taking over the world. Now you can get Google Gum from the Google Store.

Chew your Google with this tasty pack of gum. It comes loaded in a Google box that’s a perfect fit for pocket or purse.

They’re offering free shipping on everything right now so I ordered a pack. It’ll be a good collector’s item if nothing else. They had Google chocolate poker chips yesterday, but now they are gone … they were $0.75 each. Here’s a picture I snagged though:

Google Chocolate Poker Chips

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One Response to “Google Gum (and Google Chocolate Poker Chips)”

  1. 1
    cybele says:

    It’s too bad they’re out of the poker chips. If they’re made by the company that made these they’d have been pretty good!

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