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Explosive Chocolate Bomb

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Explosive Chocolate Bomb

I sent this in to Boing Boing last week and realized I never wrote about it myself! This really is a chocolate bomb – you light the wick and it explodes chocolate all over the place – enough for 10 people (or one Candy Addict). It comes with a plastic guard to keep the chocolate in a confined area and to prevent a huge chocolate mess. After the explosion occurs, everyone eats the chocolate. It’s supposed to be great for “the ultimate dinner party” but it seems a bit scary to me.

My favorite line is:

Due to the “explosive nature” of this bomb we can not deliver to outside the UK.

Can you imagine trying to bring this back from a trip to England? I have a feeling you would be stopped at security and detained for a while.

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    Candy Addict - Candy Addict on TV says:

    [...] In the 3 minute, 40 second segment (titled Gummi Chicken Feet), they talk about ice cream, mention a motorized ice cream-licker at, mention, Chick-O-Stick, and right around the 2:15 mark they mention Candy Addict! They start out mentioning my review of deep fried Snickers then go on to talk about the Weird Candy category here on Candy Addict and mention Chocolate Cat’s Tongue, Gummi Chicken Feet, and they finish off the segment with the Explosive Chocolate Bomb. [...]

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