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Review: Rocklets Chocolate Candies

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As I mentioned yesterday, I picked up a bunch of cheap candy at Dollar General Store and I thought I’d review them this week. First up is a bag of Rocklets – an obvious M&M’s clone.

The 1.69 oz bag (M&Ms are in 1.6 oz bags) only set me bag $0.25 and I really wasn’t expecting much from it. Cheap chocolate is usually bad chocolate. The Rocklets are a little bit flatter and a little bit wider than M&Ms and they have pretty much the same colors with slight variations.

The Rocklets were actually good…very good. In fact, I could only occasionally tell they weren’t M&Ms because of a slight difference in the chocolate taste. I polished off the whole bag in no time at all. Dollar General has a bunch of candy knockoffs in their “American Value” line – I’m going to have to try some more of them to see if they are all as good as the Rocklets.

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    brunette645 says:

    hey remember me? well if you dont thats ok. just wanted to say you have a really cool blog and it is very intresting. i loved your post on the fried snickers bar!! it sounded great!

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