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Google Gum (and Google Chocolate Poker Chips)

Google really is taking over the world. Now you can get Google Gum from the Google Store. Chew your Google with this tasty pack of gum. It comes loaded in a Google box that’s a perfect fit for pocket or purse. They’re offering free shipping on everything right now so I ordered a pack. It’ll […]

Friday Fun: Nestle Crunch Squirting Gallery

Another Friday, another Friday Fun. Today I bring you the Nestle Crunch Squirting Gallery. It’s sort of like those squirting games you play at amusement parks and fairs except there you win fun prizes and here you play the game with your keyboard. It’s actually really tricky (and hard) since the hose keeps moving back […]

Hilarious Pez Theater Videos

I saw this on BoingBoing and to be honest, I really don’t know what’s going on. BoingBoing said: Steve White is getting ready to tour the south and midwest with his fabulous Pez Theater show. Enjoy sample videos here. What I do know is that these Pez Theater videos are hilarious. Choose from “Racism Is […]

Review: CO2 Carbonated Candy

These are some interesting candies. The only carbonated/CO2 candy I could think of was Pop Rocks and when I first saw these, I knew they weren’t like Pop Rocks. They are small UFO-shaped candies, a little smaller than an M&M. The candy itself is the “pressed-powder” variety like SweetTarts, PEZ, and Smarties (US). CO2 Candy […]

Gummi Chicken Feet

(from Flickr user inju) Another weird candy I found on Flickr … “Cheeky Chewsomes, Flying Feet of Fury, Candy with a Kick, Gummi Chicken Feet”. The caption from the photographer says: Dim sum lovers who can’t resist chicken feet, here’s one candy for you. Check out the cute chicken feet gummy on the bottom left! […]