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Birthday Giveaway Winners

Thanks to all the readers who entered the giveaway and thanks for all the birthday wishes! Here are the winners:

Bubble Yum Soda

(photo by Flickr user Look In The Tunk Thanks go to a reader and blogger named David for this one. He told me that in a visit to his local 7-11 he found Bubble Yum Soda. It comes in Original (Bubble Gum) and Sour Cherry flavors. David tried the Sour Cherry and said it was […]

Review: Foosh Energy Mints

Foosh Energy Mints are billed as “Seriously Caffeinated” and they aren’t kidding…they contain 100mg of caffeine which is equal to one cup of coffee or 1.25 cans of Red Bull. They also contain ginseng, taurine, and five B vitamins. Sounds great for those of us that don’t drink coffee and need a pick-me-up or for […]

Liquorice (licorice) Skittles

Did you know that Skittles makes (made?) Liquorice Skittles and they were available in non-US markets? I stumbled upon this page that talks about them then found a blog entry talking about them. Here is a description: green — aniseed. They taste much like the Springerle cookies my mom used to make at christmas every […]

The Simpson’s – like a kid in some kind of store

I haven’t watched The Simpson’s in ages – I stopped watching it years ago (and now Family Guy is my favorite cartoon). This is an episode I’m sorry I missed. Homer and Marge attend a candy convention and hilarity ensues. See if you can catch all the candy jokes/puns. Simpson’s candy convention clip (runtime is […]