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Birthday Giveaway Winners

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Birthday Giveaway Winner

Thanks to all the readers who entered the giveaway and thanks for all the birthday wishes! Here are the winners:

Bethany from Knoxville, TN wins first prize for the card you see above. She did a great job of incorporating all the things I love. Great job!

N. from Salt Lake City, UT wins second place with a LONG birthday poem (and it even rhymes). A snippet:

But when the sun begins to shine,
And the whopper eggs are frying,
When the trees grow candy vine,
And the kids aren’t crying …

Peter from West Springfield, MA wins third place for this endearing picture:

Birthday Wish

Even though I said the top three would win… since deciding third was such a tough decision, I’m awarding a 4th place too to Marianne from Knoxville, TN for this picture that made me laugh:

Happy Day

and finally… is a picture of the candy I’m sending. I know I said I was going to send Vermints, but I figure I’d throw in some other candy too. Also included: BubbaGum, Nerds, SweetTarts, Pixy Stix, Krabby Patties, and some Japanese Kuro Ame candy.


Give me a few days to get it all packaged up and sent out! :)

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One Response to “Birthday Giveaway Winners”

  1. 1
    N says:


    Received the package today. Thanks so much! Nothing beats a man of his word. (Except candy, of course.)


    P.S. Thank you, too, for the extra goodies. The monster teeth are
    P.P.S. I hope you make this an annual birthday ‘contest’. Very fun.

    RESPONSE: You’re welcome! The Bubbagum is fun stuff – I assume you saw my review/picture here:

    Yes, I hope to do giveaways frequently.

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