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Peach Twizzlers

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Peach Licorice

Another reader email this time from Jennifer:
Can you help me find out what happened to peach flavored Twizzlers. I remember they were about @ 1993 and they were Pull N Peel. I have looked everywhere and I can’t find anything on them. Thank You.



I did a bunch of poking around online and couldn’t find any concrete mention of Peach Twizzlers. I did find many places selling peach licorice that looks like Twizzlers (though not Pull N Peel). Below are some links to peach licorice.

Do any other readers remember Peach Twizzlers or have any other ideas?

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8 Responses to “Peach Twizzlers”

  1. 1
    Thomas says:

    I remember them. I’ve been craving them for awhile now. I sure would love to find them.

  2. 2
    Jane says:

    I too have been looking for peach twizzlers for a couple of years now. It’s one of the few sweet things my son really likes to eat. They were around and then they disappeared. Please let me know what happened and if I can buy them somewhere. Thanks, Jane

  3. 3
    Noname says:

    Dylan’s Candy Bar in Manhattan sells Peach Twizzlers.

  4. 4
    jasmine says:

    cute pageeee!

  5. 5
    candyfan says:

    yeah the peach pull n’ peel was a good one actually they had it about 13 years ago…wow i feel old now

  6. 6
    liquoricecraver says:

    peach twizzlers, interesting

    i saw spearmint flavored twizzers a while ago. not sure if they really were the twizzler brand though

  7. 7
    lindsay says:

    peach twizzlers are the best! i havent had them for such a long time!

  8. 8
    Biffcheese says:

    Peach Pull-n-Peels are my absolute favorite candy of all time!!! I would give the bag’s weight in flesh to find these again! I’ve written Hershey’s, I’ve started a letter-writing campaign, and I’ve even tried voodoo rituals to bring them back! Anyone else had any new leads? I notice this thread hasn’t been visited since 2008.

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