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Friday Fun: Candy Train

For today’s Friday Fun, we have a game called Candy Train. In it, you must make sure the train has tracks in front of it and use them to steer the train to pick up various candy around the playfield. It reminds me a lot of an old game called Pipes. Make sure you use […]

Cadbury Mini Eggs McFlurry at U.K. McDonald’s

Cadbury Mini Eggs are my favorite Easter candy and ice cream is my second favorite food (after candy), so this sounds like heaven. In the U.K., McDonald’s now offers a Limited Edition Cadbury Mini Egg McFlurry – ice cream with Crushed Cadbury Mini Eggs swirled in! I may have to try making one at home […]

Cutest Truffles EVER

Are these not the cutest truffles you have ever seen? I don’t think I have ever seen a truffle and thought “cute”, but now I have. These are from the “Country Critter Collection” from Moonstruck Chocolate Co. The collection includes a duck, cow, chick, lamb turkey, and pig (see picture below). These aren’t the only […]

Candy Review: Cactus Candy

(click for more pics) I used to live in Arizona, about 4 hours from Phoenix, when I was a kid. The only Arizona-specific food memory I have is drinking Sarsaparilla when visiting Tombstone (yeah, I know Sarsparilla isn’t a food, but that’s all I’ve got). I do remember the cacti though, and I don’t ever […]

Candy Petitions

Not long ago (and on a whim), I started a petition to request that Hershey’s keep the Cherry Cordial Kisses in production all year round. Surprisingly, as of this writing, there are 1789 signatures. That got me wondering what other candy petitions are there? Here are some of them: Fun Dip: Add Another Stick!!! (my […]