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Super-GROSS Chocolate – Chocka Ca-Ca

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Chocka Ca-Ca

I think I may have to start a new category for some of my posts – maybe call it gross or disgusting or weird (nevermind – I made a new gross category). We had pooping candy dispensers, vomit jellybeans, Cat Butt Gum, and Gummi Condoms, and now we have Chocka Ca-Ca.

It’s a real baby diaper with a piece of fudge inside that is shaped like….well, the brown stuff you might usually find inside a baby’s diaper. It’s great for baby showers or for that dad-to-be to get used to seeing this kind of thing. The packaging comes in pink, blue, or yellow (if you don’t know the sex of the baby on the way). It would be a great prop for some practical jokes too .

(post idea via Peace of my Mind)

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7 Responses to “Super-GROSS Chocolate – Chocka Ca-Ca”

  1. 1
    Kevin says:

    Baby poop is not thick nor is it brown like that (normally). But its a funny effect either way.

    RESPONSE: Depends on how old the baby is (I have a kid and have seen plenty of poop).

  2. 2
    Kevin says:

    Guess the question is, when do you stop calling them a baby? :)

  3. 3
    Bob says:

    To kevin, AFTER you eat the chocolate!

  4. 4
    chelsea says:

    This candy is so awesome! I bet my expecting cousin would love it!

  5. 5
    Channy says:

    When I saw this, I somehow thought of a cat dawning a diaper… O_o

  6. 6
    AtiyaGifts says:

    love that great for a baby
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  7. 7
    AtiyaGifts says:

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    i meant to say above.

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