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Hershey’s WrapperCash

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Hershey’s has a new promo designed to get you buying their products and saving the wrappers. It’s called WrapperCash. New Hershey’s wrappers will have WrapperCash logos on them – collect them for great prizes (no, that old stash of Hershey’s wrapppers you have won’t work).

Each regular candy bar wrapper is worth 2 points and Snackbarz and Reese’s Cookies wrappers are worth 3 points each. They have some pretty good stuff that you can get by saving up your points.

Also, starting on May 15, they will have special WrapperCash ebay auctions where you can spend your WrapperCash on Hershey’s ebay auctions. I couldn’t find the details on this, but it looks like they will have nicer things like kayaks, foosball tables, and MP3/media players up for auction.

So, if you buy Hershey’s products, save the wrappers to get free (well, you pay shipping) stuff!

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