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Customized Candy

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Sticky Customized Candy

Recently, a reader named Bill asked me if I knew of any customizable candies – ones you can put your own custom message or design on. I actually already had a list going of them so here is my current list:

Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments or email me. I am looking for customizable candies, not customizable candy wrappers or containers. I’ll add to the list if anyone knows of any others.

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2 Responses to “Customized Candy”

  1. 1
    nay says:

    Also from here in Australia, is Suga ( I quote from their website:

    “Special Orders of customised Rock Candy are made in 10Kg batches. The normal price of a 10Kg minimum batch is $350 (ie. $35 per Kg), but as a special offer, Wedding Rock will be reduced to $31.50 per Kg. ”

    That’s AU dollars – $35 per kg is about $US27 per kilo. And believe me, they are worth it! So delicious, and a great variety of flavours. Also well known here in Melbourne for making the candy in front of the public – you can stand and watch them from the pouring of boiling hot liquid sugar, through the mixing of colours and flavours, and then the kneading and arranging of different coloured sticks to make the desired pattern. Then, FREE SAMPLES!!! Worth every penny :) :) :)

  2. 2
    Morgan says:

    A show on Discovery called \”How Its Made\” just had a segment on the Sticky candies. I can\’t remember much about them, but it was cool how they made them. I\’m sure you can find more about them somehow through the Discovery website.

    RESPONSE: I just saw that episode a few days ago! It was very interesting!

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