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Retro Candy Flashback: Hot Dog Gum

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Hot Dog Gum

Last Monday, I posted about Gold Rocks Gum and was surprised to see the response I got from that post. I got numerous comments on the post and via email. Because of this, I figured I would start a regular feature on Candy Addict called “Retro Candy Flashback”. Every Monday I’ll talk about a candy from my youth (and maybe yours too). Some candies will still be available and some will have been discontinued. If you have any good ideas for candy to feature, drop me a line.

So, today’s retro candy flashback is Hot Dog Gum. I remember getting these frequently as a kid. It was gum in a hot dog shape that was about an inch long and was a deep red color. It had a very sweet cinnamon flavor to it. I don’t remember exactly where I got it, but I do remember I would usually take one of the “dogs” in the pack of two and I would try eating all of the cinnamon candy coating off of it until I was left with a white tube of gum. Good times.

I was surprised to see that this gum is still made and is available at most online candy stores inlcluding the ones I have linked to in the left column: Old Time Candy, Groovy Candies, Candy Crate , and even Amazon stocks them. Only a few of them let you buy single packs though.

Anyone else remember this gum?

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12 Responses to “Retro Candy Flashback: Hot Dog Gum”

  1. 1
    Karen says:

    Yes, I remember it! I loved this gum. Very different, spicy sweet and cool shape…

  2. 2
    calamitykittiee says:

    I remember getting these for something like 3 cents each. They were my favorite when I was in second grade.

  3. 3
    stephanie says:


  4. 4
    danny says:

    I do remember the hotdog gum what about tobbertone and what about like the soda and I am glad they still make the double cola I thought they quite making it and sundrop also

  5. 5
    jd says:

    I am really diggin this site and the retro flashbacks. Next to the candy lipsticks (the creamy kind that melted in your mouth), this was my favorite non-chocolate treats, as a little girl.

  6. 6
    diane says:

    i dont remember this candy as a child !

  7. 7
    mary says:

    I remember Balogna bubble gum. Sweet wax lips, and teeth. long narrow licorice sheets with candy dots, and pipes with red jimmies on bowl. Also chicken bones, and (UGH) orange peanut candy.

  8. 8
    amar says:

    i recently got one. I think you can get them still in NY. Try it!

  9. 9
    Chocolicious says:

    I never had these; they might have been a bit before my time. I do remember always having Zebra Stripes gum, though! It tasted great and you got a free tattoo! Can you do a review on it?

  10. 10
    Rod says:

    I’m 40 and I do remember this gum – it was good. There was this gum that came in a big plastic tooth. You opened the top of the tooth and there were rock-like pieces of gum inside. It may have been called “Sweet Tooth” but I’m not sure. Really good gum.

  11. 11
    Rod says:

    It was called Big Tooth.

  12. 12
    Todd says:

    Was just remembering this gum and googled it. Exactly how you described! Ah the memories. Thanks for sharing! <3

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