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Gummi Human Heart

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Gummi Heart

Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie? What says love more than a 4″ tall strawberry-flavored anatomically correct gummy human heart? If that’s not creepy enough, the box even has this clever ditty on it:

My love is pure,
my love is true,
you can have my heart
and eat it too!

Maybe this would be a better gift for someone you can’t work up enough nerve to break up with – it might encourage him/her to break up with you. Oh – and if you don’t want a gummi heart, you could always try a chocolate human heart.

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One Response to “Gummi Human Heart”

  1. 1
    Beck says:

    These look pretty creepy. I heart all things Gummi, but I might balk at these.

    No wait, I lied– I don’t love ALL things Gummi… I once had Gummi Bugs that had liquid centers. I am FREAKED OUT by bugs–all bugs!– and these Gummi bugs were a little TOO real-feeling.

    RESPONSE: HA! I had those and had the same feeling too. I assume you didn’t see that post! :) That is so funny :)

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