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PEZ Bride and Groom

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PEZ Bride and Groom

PEZ is now selling a limited edition Bride and Groom set – there are only 5000 sets available and they cost $30.95. They’re kinda cute, but I’m not really sure why I am mentioning them really. The real PEZ-heads have already ordered theirs and casual people like myself won’t spend $3o.95 for a set. My wife saw them and saw “Awww, those are cute” then when I told her th eprice, she said “No way!”

Is it just me, or do those PEZ look like those weird Troll dolls?

PEZ Bride and Groom

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4 Responses to “PEZ Bride and Groom”

  1. 1
    Will Huggard says:

    I’m looking for a set of the caucasian Bride & Groom. Do you have?


  2. 2
    dara says:

    Hello, I’m about to get married and I’m looking for caucasian bride and groom pez for cake topper, Do you have any or know where I can find some? Thank You!

  3. 3
    RodneyDaype says:

    Absolutely enjoyed this blog. Somewhat called to mind this page I’ve came across a few days ago.

  4. 4
    MauriceJediA says:


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