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Hershey’s WrapperCash

Hershey’s has a new promo designed to get you buying their products and saving the wrappers. It’s called WrapperCash. New Hershey’s wrappers will have WrapperCash logos on them – collect them for great prizes (no, that old stash of Hershey’s wrapppers you have won’t work). Each regular candy bar wrapper is worth 2 points and […]

Necco Human Heart

I am constantly amazed at the serious artwork that is made with candy. Check out this amazing human heart made out of Necco Conversation Hearts done by famous Lego artist Nathan Sawaya. It even has veins running through it made with purple hearts! There is not much info on the site about it, but Nathan […]

Super-GROSS Chocolate – Chocka Ca-Ca

I think I may have to start a new category for some of my posts – maybe call it gross or disgusting or weird (nevermind – I made a new gross category). We had pooping candy dispensers, vomit jellybeans, Cat Butt Gum, and Gummi Condoms, and now we have Chocka Ca-Ca. It’s a real baby […]

Candy Craft Projects

I stumbled on some DIY candy-related projects tonight: Heart Tacks: make heart tacks out of Necco Conversation Hearts. I wonder what other candies it would work with? Candy Tin Candles: use those old candy tins to make your own candles. (also see Things to do with Altoids Tins) Candy Trains: (scroll to the bottom) This […]

Who actually likes black licorice?

So, when I got the package in from The Red Vines people, I tried to find someone to give the black licorice to since I hate black licorice and I couldn’t find anybody to give it to. Everyone I talked to doesn’t like black licorice. My wife, both sisters, my sister’s fiance, and a couple […]