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Wintergreen Lifesavers – Lightning in your mouth

You know, I had always heard that Wintergreen LifeSavers would “spark” when chewed, but I don’t think I ever actually tried it. Evidently, it is true (and my wife says she has verified it). So, why does it do this? According to exploratorium.edu, When you crunch on wintergreen candies, you are making light with friction. [...]

Homemade Coffee-Infused Chocolate

Here’s a recipe that sounds pretty good (and easy) if you like chocolate and coffee – it’s a recipe for making coffee-infused chocolate. Seems pretty straightforward and obvious, though it never occurred to me before. I might give this a try sometime. Anyone else want to try it and report your results? Coffee-infused chocolate recipe [...]

Friday Fun: Frisk Shell Game

I mentioned Frisk Mints once before when I was talking about their nifty MP3 player that looks like their mint package. Frisk isn’t even available in the U.S. though. Their U.S. site is rather boring (aside from the ad clips which are hilarious), but I did find some fun and games on the Japanese Frisk [...]

Michael Jackson Chocolate Bar

(Photo from Candy-Curator.com While browsing through the Candy Curator‘s extensive gallery of candy packaging pictures, I came across the gem you see above. A Michael Jackson Premium Swiss Milk Chocolate Bar. The Candy Curator says this about it: “Thriller-era Michael Jackson Swiss milk chocolate bar. Acquired by purchase from a dollar store, circa 1993. The [...]

Poll: Candy for Valentine’s Day?

Do women really want/like chocolate for Valentine’s Day (and when I say candy/chocolate I mean nice, expensive candy like Godiva or something – not a box of nerds)? As gift-buying men, it’s one of the first things that come to mind, but do the ladies really like it or is there something else they would [...]

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