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Red Vines Package

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Red Vines Package

It seems someone from The American Licorice Co. found out about my review of the expired Red Vines and they emailed me promising to send me some fresh Red Vines and samples of some of their other products. Well, the package arrived today and it was full of candy! I now have a 1-lb bag of red Red Vines, a 1-lb bag of black Red Vines, a bag of Apple Sour Punch Bites, a bag of Strawberry Sour Punch Bites, a bag of Snaps, a large bag of Super Ropes, and a 5.5 oz box of Red Vines. Look for reviews SOON!

Thanks again to The American Licorice Co.!

UPDATE: Here is the review of all of them.

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3 Responses to “Red Vines Package”

  1. 1
    Bridget Samuels says:

    Lucky!!! I should quit blogging about linguistics and start aiming towards getting better freebies! Red Vines taste better than books any day!

  2. 2
    Beck says:

    LOVE black licorice! Lucky dog.

    RESPONSE: You’re the first. I don’t like black licorice and I can’t find anyone to give them to. All 5 people I have checked with don’t like black licorice.

  3. 3
    cybele says:

    Hey! I like black licorice!

    But I have the same problems with eating licorice from a package called Red Vines as I do eating a something called “red licorice” that has no licorice at all in it.

    Where’s my package anyway? (Okay, I haven’t mailed yours either, maybe on Saturday I’ll brave the post office.)

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