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Friday Fun: Frisk Shell Game

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Frisk Shell Game

I mentioned Frisk Mints once before when I was talking about their nifty MP3 player that looks like their mint package. Frisk isn’t even available in the U.S. though. Their U.S. site is rather boring (aside from the ad clips which are hilarious), but I did find some fun and games on the Japanese Frisk site.

So, I now present to you the Frisk Shell Game. Yeah, it sounds boring, and it is until you get to level 10 or so. Then it starts to get FAST. So fast if you blink at the wrong time, you’ll miss it. This isn’t a game you’ll come back to over and over, but it’s a fun diversion once or twice. Give it a try. The high score when I was playing was 36 – see how high you can get. I didn’t get nearly that high because my…uh…contacts were drying out. Yeah – that’s it! My contacts started to dry out!

Have fun!

Frisk Shell Game
Frisk English site
Frisk Japanese site
Frisk MP3 player

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