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Michael Jackson Chocolate Bar

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Michael Jackson Chocolate Bar
(Photo from

While browsing through the Candy Curator‘s extensive gallery of candy packaging pictures, I came across the gem you see above. A Michael Jackson Premium Swiss Milk Chocolate Bar. The Candy Curator says this about it: “Thriller-era Michael Jackson Swiss milk chocolate bar. Acquired by purchase from a dollar store, circa 1993. The curator’s most prized artifact.” Yeah, I think that would be my most prized candy artifact too…and he bought it at a dollar store! I don’t think those would sell too well nowadays – something about “strangers with candy”, you know?

Be sure and check out his whole site while you are there. He’s got lots of other interesting stuff like Elvis candy, Shut Up! Gum, and the ever-popular Corona Beer Can Mints.

Michael Jackson Chocolate Bar
Candy Curator

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9 Responses to “Michael Jackson Chocolate Bar”

  1. 1
    khebe says:

    I have the same exact michael jackson candy bar..only I got mine on a school field trip to his home..he has a real candy store inside..

  2. 2
    ashley arrowsmith says:

    awesome I am A Michael Jackson fan and a candy fan too

  3. 3
    Anjeln says:

    I am interested in purchasing a bar how much would you take for your chocolate bar.

  4. 4
    raymond morris says:

    i have candy bar also been in deep freez since 93. is worth anything

  5. 5
    cindy says:

    how much will you pay for the candy bar?

  6. 6
    Earl Johnson says:

    I have in my position the chocolete bars in a counter display case and a counter header board all with the photo’s of Michael Jackson. During those years I was commisioned in Switzerland to be the United states distributor. I actually had deliverd a few cases to the Jacksons along with other products produced in Switzerland. I plan to place the Chocolete bars on Ebay.They are in perfect condition, but very old!!!

  7. 7
    sarah huberman says:

    Hi, i used to work at CBS UK. I have a bar too. Everyone else in the office ate their bar. Mine is in excellent condition with a 1992 date on the back. Does anyone know if it is worth anything?

  8. 8
    Stacie says:

    I love Michael Jackson. Been a fan since I was little. Michael is forever innocent and forever #1 in music history. No one can beat or come close ever. It’s impossible. People will and are trying to copy and be like him. Haha, but trust me, never in a billion years will anyone beat him. Michael Jackson is the greatest musician, showman, performer, singer, dancer, moviemaker, songwriter, freaking the greatest entertainer ever! We have many generations to come but no artist will ever entertain for over 40 years. Michael is just amazing and I love him.

  9. 9
    carol brathwaite says:

    would like to sell a few Michael Jackson Swiss Chocolate
    bars along with the thriller container

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