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Fourth Graders Review Kissables

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Writing assignments are no fun when you’re a fourth grader – who wants to write about “What I Did Last Summer” or “How Electricity Was Discovered”? Mr. Murphy, a fourth grade teacher at Holland Elementary in Holland, PA has come up with a writing topic all fourth graders love – CANDY! He had his students each try the new Hershey’s Kissables and write a mini-review on their own. Being fans of this site, he decided to have them submit their reviews here so we could all enjoy them. Each review below is from one of his students. Read on for their reviews of Hershey’s Kissables.

Hershey's Kissables


When I first tried the candy I loved it and a person in my class could not eat any M&Ms but now he eats kissable because there are no peanuts. It smells like Hershey’s melted They can also spin. There are 5 different colors. I opened it up perfectly and it looked like a small mountain. Once I spind it and it went so fast it went on a side of it and fell off the table.

Gabi R:

When I first ate this candy I thought, SO MUCH BETTER THAN M&Ms! When it melted in my mouth I thought I was in heaven! Anyway, they were strikingly great and so creamy, super duper creamy. But, it doesn’t really swirl!!!!!! I think they’ll totally beat the ratings of M&Ms and smash them in the competition. I love the KISSABLES!

Sami P:

I think that Kiss-ables will be just like m&m’s but with more chocolate. Also I think they will be in the shape of mini Hershey Kisses. They will certainly taste sublime!!!

When I tried the “new” kiss-ables I taste a little bit of vanilla. Once you let this dreamy, mouth-watering, chocolaty, nut free piece of candy sink down on to your tongue you’ll know…That they are kiss-able, love-able, share-able, sublime-able, eat-able, bliss-able, laugh-able, this-able, in-able, out-able, treat-able, here-able, there-able, friend-able, spin-able, slide-able, day-able, night-able non-waste-able and irresist-able.

No I don’t think that they will compete with m&m’s. And yes they will become more popular because there aren’t any traces of nut products which will increase the number of people that eat them!

Dara Z:

I think these chocolate kiss-ables will be just like M&Ms but with more chocolate. They look yummy, they smell yummy, and so they will probably taste yummy!!!!!!!! They taste sublime while melting in my mouth. Melting. The kiss-ables are sublime-able, taste-able treat-able eat-able yum-able!! Just too many things to say!!!! After you eat one, just one, maybe even a bite, you are in a world of Hershey’s chocolate Kiss-ables. All different colors. There’s one word I can say and it’s…Heaven. You’re in Heaven. My taste buds are eating all the candy. The yummy, yummy candy. The Kiss-ables.

I think that the Kiss-able will not compete with M&Ms because the kiss-ables look cooler and they have NO nuts products unlike M&Ms. They will be more popular I think.

Jordyn T:

These little mini Hershey Kisses look so good. I think that they will be more chocolaty than candy-coated. On the bottom there is a lump. It looks like they put an M&M on the bottom! If you spin it, it looks really cool! It looks like a tiny volcano and when you bite it, it explodes with chocolate!!!!!

This candy is eat-able, treat-able, taste-able, non-waste-able, night-able, bite-able yum-able, crumb-able, gobble-able irresist-able, here-able, there-able, bliss-able KISS-ABLE! It is soo good. It tastes like there is more chocolate than candy-coated. This piece of candy is a melt-in-your-mouth candy. The chocolate is so soft and smooth that you could suck on it and have it in your mouth for days, months, years! When you eat it you are in a world full of chocolate. An amazing place full of chocolate. Chocolate. You’re in a heaven of chocolate!!!!! It swirls in your mouth! You can fell your taste-buds dancing on your tongue. Yum, yum, yum. It’s best when the candy-coat is stuck in-between each of your teeth! Yum! This is like one of my favorite candy EVER!

Mitch S:

I love them. They are like m&m’s but better! They are a lot crunchier than normal. They’re great! They are my 2nd favorite candy. I think they will a way bigger hit than m&m’s. A WAY bigger hit! I have peanut allergies so am really happy to be able to eat them. Great job! I also think it’s cool that the candy coating gets stuck in my braces. So I can taste it like 5 minutes later. I love them!

Steven H:

Well they smell like M&M’s and they look really cool. And my teacher said that they don’t have any peanut products in them so I think they will be a bigger hit than M&M’s because they taste exactly like M&M’s and they’re better because there crunchy and they can spin and there just really cool. Plus they look like Hershey Kisses. But the bad thing is that when you bite them in half they don’t look swirly but when you put them in your mouth and they taste swirly in your mouth.

Ty M:

These mini candies are sublime and also they have no nut oil or anything at all that has the word nut in it. M&M’s do not stand a chance with these little guys. The candy has a rich, sweet, astonishing candy covered coating that is crunchy on the outside, a drop of heaven on the inside. The first one that you try will be downright great! If you did not try one-do it NOW!

Edward C:

A delicious new type of crunchy chocolate that’s eat, eat, eatable and they have nothing that involves peanuts or any kind of nuts! These little candies are little Hershey kiss shaped candies that are mini and have delicious chocolate on the inside and crunchy candy on the outside! I definitely think that this new delicious candy will be more successful than m&ms! Honestly if you didn’t try this new product then you must try it.

Joe G:

WARNING: kissables are much better than M&M’s avoid eating kissables because you will get to addicted and will keep eat eat eating them so don’t eat too much! There Hershey chocolate M & M’s coated HERSHEY MINI KISSABLES!!!

Michael T:

These Kissables are one of the, no wait, it is the best kind of candy I have ever had. It is sooooooooooooo good. It’s a colorful mini Hershey Kiss that good yummy and rich. The colors are red, blue, yellow and green. It’s like a little package that’s shaped like a plumped triangle and inside ……………….. is a yummy, delicious, mouth-watering little piece of chocolate and when you suck on it, it will taste like lots of chocolate chips in your mouth. If you don’t think so – try one for yourself.


Well I think that kissables are really really good! I think the Hershey factory will make more of them and the rate will be better than M&M’s!!! When I was taste, taste, tasting the Kissables I put 1 in my mouth and the taste dissolved in my mouth like the clouds in the sky. Dreamy!! Just the taste in my mouth feels like the warm ocean rising on the sand and melting my body as I eat some!!! It was catchable in my mouth and swirlable when I see them melt!! Meltable! When I saw them it looked like a mountain getting ready to go!! GO!!!

Maggie H:

Prediction: I think that the kissables will be tasty, but I did think that they would be bigger and I thought that it was wrapped and not candy coated. I have never heard of them so I thought it must be a new candy. I thought that they must be a lot like Hugs.
Taste: They are like half M&Ms and half Hershey kisses. The candy coating makes you think they are M&Ms and then you bite into it and it has that kisses taste.
Smell: the kissables really have no smell. You can smell a little bit of chocolate, but the candy coat blocks some of the smell from going into the room.
Feeling: The kissables are smooth and not bumpy. Just like the kisses!
M&Ms: I think they will eventually be more popular and better thanM&Ms.

Ryan B:

I think the Hershey Kissables are extremely significant, sublime, and exploding with its candy coating and chocolate. It is really good for kids with peanut allergies and m&m’s does. It is almost like a volcano erupting in your mouth. It is really spinable to. Some day the rating will be going up up up. And there are so many colors to choose.

Jaime S:

Kissables vs. M&Ms- Who will win?
Predictions- Kissables: I think they will be better than M&Ms. I think they will be extremely chocolaty. They will be downright yummy.
M&Ms: Well, maybe they will prove me wrong…
Kissables win this round! Score: K1 M0

Taste- Kissables: I can taste the chocolate through the candy coating. They taste heavenly. The flavor lasts in my mouth long after I eat them. They’re crunchy. Crunchy.
M&Ms: Sublime!
Kissables win again! Score: K2 M0

Competition- Kissables: I think the candy will compete with M&Ms. They will probably become more popular because the chocolate tastes better.
M&Ms: No comment.

Kissables win with flying colors!

Let me know what you think of the kids’ reviews. I think they are great and I know we’re going to do this at least once more and we might make this a regular feature if it works out.

Thanks kids!

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5 Responses to “Fourth Graders Review Kissables”

  1. 1
    cybele says:

    This is too cute!

    I like how often the word “sublime” is used by fourth graders.

  2. 2
    April says:

    I think they tasted like Easter Candy

  3. 3
    Rife Randomness » Hershey’s Kissables says:

    [...] Even fourth graders agree: Candy Addict – Fourth Graders Review Hershey’s Kissables [...]

  4. 4
    Andrew says:

    Do you want to have a good candy? Then you have to try these Hershey Kissables. The flavor of Kissables are so good and last very long. They come in 5 amazing colors red, blue, yellow, green and orange. Hershey Kissables are a million times better then M&M’s. Bottom line these yummy chocolaty candy is amazing. 2 thumbs up for Hershey Kissables. Andrew.

  5. 5
    Emily says:

    I don’t eat M&M’s but I llooooove kissables!! When I crave chocolate I think of hershey chocolate! When I’m at target I need something that has to do with chocolate and of coarse that always ends up being kissables! My cousion thats 1 also says that kissables are great! It’s her favorite candy! So Kissables have no compatition between them and M$M’s!


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